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Poe's first love was poetry, and unlike many of his contemporaries, his poems are widely read and admired today. All of his works in verse, from "The Raven" to "The Bells," and "Annabel Lee," to his lesser-known poems share a particular, dream-like quality comparable to the great Romantic poets like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Swinburne or Arthur Rimbaud.

Discuss Poe's Poetry-- post a message below!

For more about Poe, read MysteryNet's profile of Edgar Allan Poe and the full-length version of "The Murders in the Rue Morgue".

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nvkivnsd kjskdmv - 09:12am Nov 21, 2003 PST(#59 of 72)

I now know alot more information on Edgar Allan Poe and one of my favorites The Tell-Tall Heart. Thanx!

fanatic - 08:08am Jan 14, 2005 PST(#60 of 72)

I like Poe's work I understand it and it has such a bizarre twist about it the poems and stories pull you right in and they do not let you go until it is over and let us not forget how he leaves you wanting more of the poem or story asically wanting to know how it really ended instead of just assuming that it ended badly. Poe is very artistic with the words that he uses and the various ways he tells his stories.

Cullen Hutton - 06:03am May 2, 2005 PST(#61 of 72)

hey im lloking up some research on Edgar Allan poe can sumone help me really soon if so email me at k thanx

Nessi - 01:07pm May 20, 2005 PST(#62 of 72)
"Close your eyes and I'll take you there..."

My teacher read a poem Poe wrote & I really liked it. So I searched for more he wrote & came across one about bells(sorry, the exact name slipped my mind) & now I am a huge fan of his works!

Vladimir Molina - 04:30pm Oct 10, 2005 PST(#63 of 72)

Hi Nessi, I am really happy you have become one of Poe's millions fans. I hope you can keep that way, Greetings!

jacob mcginnis - 11:20am Oct 25, 2005 PST(#64 of 72)

hey ya edgar allen poe may have been on the weird side but his work was great i love the darkness of his writing and art..

melany reighert - 08:22am Jun 6, 2006 PST(#65 of 72)

edger allan poe was the best poet of his time i realy enjoy reading the raven and the lost. that poem speaks to me like no other unless i have written it but that is my favorit poet,i would love to chat with you

melany reighert - 08:15am Jun 7, 2006 PST(#66 of 72)

hello there poe frinds i love poe. he is a beast. I love him so much his poems are mystery to most people and dark to others and i think there just realy cool you realy got to like get deep into it to understand hi that is why i like him...

melany reighert - 08:05am Jun 12, 2006 PST(#67 of 72)

edger is a scary but awesome person i would go crazy with out his works i can say most of the raven.well i'am worken with my sister who has it all memoed. and it is realy cool we can say it together i think edger brught us together in more ways then one ok well rock on peep love the poe fan shortie

Shea Franklin - 08:40am Jun 15, 2006 PST(#68 of 72)

Just recently, in a class I am taking, we read and discussed a short story of Mr. Poe's, "A Tell-Tale Heart". It was extravagant! The suspense was electrifying! I would recommend it immediately to anyone. I also listened to a great friend of mine recite, "The Raven". Marvelous, I tell you all! Intriguing are the words that make up this inspiring, yet terrifying poem!

Kelsiee H - 10:01am May 27, 2007 PST(#69 of 72)

I Absaloutly Love Edgar Allan Poe, his work is more amazing than anything I have ever read. It has the sence in a twisted sort of way that everything is beautiful. He was a genious, I wrote my biogrpahy on him. I enjoyed learning even more about him that I could. He is simply amazing.

kara mcafee - 12:59pm Oct 27, 2007 PST(#70 of 72)

edgar allen poe has to be the most inceditable writter ever. his writtings have such depth that there addicting.

yvonne porras - 05:33am Nov 15, 2007 PST(#71 of 72)

I am a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan and i love his poetry its dark and suspenceful

oblivionblack - 02:05pm Feb 27, 2009 PST(#72 of 72)

hay i am doing a paper on the life of poe, the man behind the poems is their any one who could help me learn more about him

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Edgar Allan Poe  / Poetry

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