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Allen, Steve
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Steve Allen, star of stage, TV and cinema, has charmed us for years with his wit and wisdom. Now, he has us turning the pages as he and wife, Jayne Meadows, team up to get the crime solved, with the glitter of the entertainment world as the backdrop. Titles include Murder on the Atlantic; Murder in Vegas, and Murder on the Glitter Box. Share your thoughts about Steve's "new" career.

Carol Diemer - 08:12am Feb 3, 1999 PST(#1 of 9)
My three special angels.....

Yes Dawn, I have read one of his books. I believe it was MURDER IN LAS VEGAS. Good book, very entertaining, especially since I remember Steve and his wife Jayne from TV and can visualize the characters. Carol

Fran Hinkel - 10:59am Feb 4, 1999 PST(#2 of 9)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Originally posted by: Dawn Dowdle - 05:12am Feb 3, 1999 PST

Has anyone read any of the books by Steve Allen (the TV star)? I just read his latest "Murder In Hawaii." It is GREAT! He and his wife are the main characters in the story. Lots of fun. Really recommend it. Hope to go back and read the others now.

Bunni Martin-Nichols - 02:13am Mar 7, 1999 PST(#3 of 9)

Steve Allen's mysteries are entertaining with just enough comedy to make it relaxing reading.

Marsha Francis - 08:08pm Mar 8, 1999 PST(#4 of 9)

I love these books. As you read them, you can just hear him talking to you, telling you this wild, funny, fascinating tale! I know that the stories are fiction, but he makes such good use of the real people he knows...I doubt if Cass really exists, but I sure hope so!

Edith Beers - 07:09pm Apr 11, 1999 PST(#5 of 9)

I've been a Steve Allen fan for years - the first mystery I read was "The Talk Show Murders" 1982 - a lot of fun - I'm just reading "Wake Up to Murder" but missed the one in Hawaii - a very talented man - Comedian, writer, composer, actor, musician you name it and I bet he has done it -Edie

stikeforce - 07:22am Apr 13, 1999 PST(#6 of 9)
"It's a cult... they worship blue oysters"... MST3K 'The Final Sacrifice'

Steve Allen has become one of my faves. The books are witty and intelligent. Did ya'll know George Kennedy has written mysteries too? A little harder boiled but still good reads. It is neat to be able to add correct faces to the characters.

Edith Beers - 08:49pm Apr 13, 1999 PST(#7 of 9)

I read only one of George Kennedy's books "Murder On Location" it was fun and I agree it's great when you can instantly see the characters in your minds eye - has George Kennedy written more than one mystery????? Edie

stikeforce - 08:58am Apr 30, 1999 PST(#8 of 9)
"It's a cult... they worship blue oysters"... MST3K 'The Final Sacrifice'

Yes Edie, G. Kennedy has written at least 1 more book.From 1984, Murder on High. I don't have a clue if he's written any more.

April Acton - 06:41pm Jun 14, 1999 PST(#9 of 9)

The Steve Allen books are great. I've read all of them except the most recent one, the Hawaii one. I've also listened to a couple of them on tape while I'm walking. Steve Allen narrates them himself which makes them really fun to listen to. Not too many authors narrate their own books!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B  / Allen, Steve

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