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Japanese Thrillers
P Marlowe - 09:10pm Mar 25, 2004 PST
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

"The Ring" was, I understand, originally released by the Japanese and then remade here. It was, at least to me, one of the scariest films I've seen in years. One can only imagine what the Japanese version was like.

Recently I also saw a Japanese thriller called "Tell me Something." Very film noir but gruesome. But well worth seeing.

Floppy - 11:34am Jun 10, 2004 PST(#1 of 6)
I can live for two months on one good compliment -Mark Twain

the Japanese version of Ring is very good. I saw it first so I'm a bit partial. I saw a Japanese thiller a while ago that was great but I cannot remember the title. The premise was that this violent group ahd taken over a school. They then take the 13-17 year olds to an island and let them lose. However they are instructed to hunt and kill one another or they will be killed. It was a "Lord of the Flies" type film. Anyone know what the title is?

P Marlowe - 03:01pm Jun 18, 2004 PST(#2 of 6)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

The story line while familiar doesn't ring a bell as a film.

Another Japanese film recently seen was "Don't Look Up." I know the titles are translations of whatever the real names are, but this too is an interesting film. I have to admit that I am completely devoted to Toshiro Mifune and Akirwa Kurosawa.

Throne of Blood, Rashomon, Yojimbo, The Fortress, Ran are among some of my favorite all time films.

Rik Shepherd - 03:19am Jun 21, 2004 PST(#3 of 6)
Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise (Margaret Atwood)

Allison, that sounds like the plot of 'Battle Royale'

Floppy - 02:12pm Jun 24, 2004 PST(#4 of 6)
I can live for two months on one good compliment -Mark Twain

that just might be it. Very Violent, there is a small love story line, oh and they all have these collars that blow up. (wierd but good). Thanks for some new tips on movies I haven't seen too!

P Marlowe - 09:51pm Sep 2, 2004 PST(#5 of 6)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Just saw a trailer for "The Grudge" with Michele Geller in it. It looks like it was filmed in Japan and it looks scary.

MadameSpooky - 12:08pm Dec 21, 2007 PST(#6 of 6)
The spookiest dame around!

"Imprint" (directed by Takashi Miike) was a part of the "Masters of Horror" (2005) TV series. Awesome, yet graphic, movie. It's subjective whether it's considered a thriller or not but it's a great example of Japanese horror.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / Mystery Movies  / Japanese Thrillers

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