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Hillerman, Tony & Herbert, Rosemary; "A New Omnibus of Crime"

Tony Hillerman & Rosemary Herbert Books

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Hillerman, Tony & Herbert, Rosemary

> A New Omnibus of Crime
Published 2005
Oxford University Press
Price US $16.95

Attention all mystery lovers! Have I got a treat for you! I just finished reading this collection of truly great short mystery stories. I am giving copies of this priceless gem to every Mystery Fiction fan on my Christmas List and especially any friend taking a trip who needs a little something to do. If you have time on your hands then you could not spend it in a more satisfying way than to open this book of 26 stories, pick any one of them, sit back and read works by the best in their genre.

I was overjoyed at the quality of writing and was grateful that Hillerman and Herbert had gone to so much trouble to make this "New Omnibus of Crime" every bit as fantastic and timeless as the original "Omnibus of Crime" from over 75 years ago when it was compiled and published by Dorothy L. Sayers. Sayers had attempted to collect short stories of the current mystery works to present the varied devices, skills and techniques of the most popular writers of her time. Now, with this book we are presented with our gifted mystery writers in that span since then and we can examine the exciting and thrilling ways the genre writings have changed.

I found myself scanning the 26 titles, the names of the authors and having a hard time settling on which one to read first ... you know that feeling when you first open a box of chocolates like a Whitman's Sampler and you glance over the description of each candy and your brain explodes from trying to decide which decadent chocolate to taste first?? Well that is how I felt ... with my options being stories by Hillerman himself, Hammett, Rendall, James, Grafton, Deaver and many more. With teasing titles such as A Poison That Leaves No Trace, Rumpole and the Bubble Reputation, Chee's Witch, When the Women Come Out to Dance and more!

I forced myself to start at the beginning and read them all in order ... I was keeping a scoring list as I read but by the 7th one I stopped wasting my time as it turned out that there was not a bad apple in the bunch!! I could not more highly recommend this "GEM" of a book!! I encourage you to buy an extra one or two to keep wrapped to have when that desperate moment comes when you must have a gift immediately ... this book will please every adult on any gift list. Excellent job Hillerman and Herbert! Please do not make us wait another 75 years for an additional collection!

Fran Hinkel - 01:55am Nov 9, 2010 PST(#1 of 1)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Great review - sounds like you can't miss with this one!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / OLDER BOOK REVIEWS  / Hillerman, Tony & Herbert, Rosemary; "A New Omnibus of Crime"

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