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Charlie's Angels

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Bajele - 03:26pm Aug 1, 1997 PST(#4 of 14)

The angels are:

Jill - Farrah Fawcett; Sabrina - Kate Jackson; Kelly - Jaquline Smith; Chris - Cheryl Ladd; Tiffany - Shelley Hack; and Julie - Tanya Roberts. John Bosley - David Doyle and "Charlie" - John Forsythe. I have watched this show since it's original air dates. Yes it has some cheavinistic characteristics to it but it also shows strong female leads. What can I say, I am a child of the 70's! {;*D

jbv - 05:35pm Sep 14, 1997 PST(#5 of 14)

My main memory of Charlie's Angels is of the evening I was watching a NEW episode and realized I'd seen the show before. But it was a NEW episode, so that made no sense. It was the story where Kelly befriends a boy (autistic, I believe) who ends up at the zoo with a gun. It finally dawned on me I had seen the same story on The Mod Squad several years earlier, where Linc and Pete had to save Julie from HER young friend at the zoo! The scripts were virtually identical. Talk about lazy - or cheap! I keep expecting it to show up on another Spelling show someday....

Sedley Tomlinson - 11:57am Mar 10, 1998 PST(#6 of 14)

I do not believe you could find another person on earth who has loved Charlie's Angels throughout time like I have. I have every episode made on video tape and watch them often. I look forward to discussing the show with you.

Patti Lloyd - 02:22pm Jul 6, 1998 PST(#7 of 14)

I love Charlie's Angels. As a child of the 80's, watching the shows in re-runs, I think I was fascinated by their 70's style and beauty. I also thought it was cool that they were girls and they solved all these mysteries virtually by themselves (You know, not counting Bosley). What can I say -- I grew up watching the show, so of course, I love it. My nineties feministic instincts get brushed aside when it comes to the nostalgic joys of my childhood!

Natalie Arnzen - 08:57am Feb 15, 1999 PST(#8 of 14)

I love watching charlies angels because they are awsome, and I think it is cool they still have it on. I like how they are girls and not guys, because then it shows how girls can be pretty sneaky themselves!!!

James Fry - 12:25am Mar 9, 2000 PST(#9 of 14)

Hey! Any of you guys ever see "ANGELES"? It was a Spelling-approved,all-Latino remake of CHARLIE'S ANGELS that appeared on Spanish language channels from '98-'99. Most of it was a lot like the original,except that instead of a chubby,middle-aged bald guy,their Bosley was a good-looking twentysomething hardbody!Trippy! The same producers did REYES y REY, a remake of STARSKY

harry jacobs - 11:27am Apr 24, 2000 PST(#10 of 14)

loved charlies angels and still do, my favorite angels is shelley hack i think she was the first angels to come aboard w/ class and to bad the producers were intereasted in ratting's than quality. i know she couldn't replace kate jackson but when the fired her the show sank and i really didn't care for tanya roberts but i think if shelley hack would have stayed the final season she would of approved.

betsy O'shea - 06:36am Oct 25, 2002 PST(#11 of 14)

I liked The Angels because they were empowered women to an extent but unfortunately most of it was fluff. Poor writing. Even the actresses admitted it was pretty light stuff.

P Marlowe - 11:03am Nov 18, 2002 PST(#12 of 14)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Not to mention the actresses themselves were "pretty light stuff and fluff."

Although I must say Farrah did an outstanding acting job in the made for TV film "Small Sacrifices."

Fran Hinkel - 09:55am Mar 10, 2003 PST(#13 of 14)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Oh, I agree Marlowe. I was shocked to find her so good in "The Burning Bed", which I believe was also based on a real life incident.

Chris Hansen - 05:49pm Oct 18, 2009 PST(#14 of 14)

Hello Jbv- Yes, the Aaron Spelling shows were guilty of recycling their scripts. I had not remembered the "Mod Squad" original until you mentioned it. Shared scripts are very common among Spelling's shows. I don't really agree with the practice, but I guess it's better than a bad original script. Best always, Chris.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / TV Mystery Shows  / Private Eyes & Detectives  / Charlie's Angels

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