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***Teaser Master Instructions***
Thanks for participating at and the Teasers by Members!

These are instructions for new Teaser Masters, past Teaser Masters who want to brush up on the rules, or those who want to become Teaser Masters and don't know how.

* * * To Become a Teaser Master * * *
  • You must be a registered member of the MysteryNet Community. (It's free!)
  • If you haven't registered already, you can do so at the bottom of the page.
  • Send your Teaser, Title, Solution and MysteryNet Community "NAME" to:

  • The teaser should have a mystery theme when possible.
  • We'll post your Teaser in the Teasers by Members Folder as soon as we can.

If your Teaser is posted, please remember to follow the Teaser Master Instructions.

* * * Teaser Master Instructions * * *

  • Teaser Masters MUST check every day to answer questions. The only exceptions to this are weekends (Sat & Sun) where home access is not available.
  • If Teaser Masters are not available regularly to answer questions, they should request a co-Teaser Master. You may ask another member of your choice to co-host with you and include their name and email address when sending in your teaser. Or email Atanua if you would like help finding a co-Teaser Master.
  • Teaser Masters should copy and paste the questions they are answering and enter their answers in boldface. The font color blue is also appropriate when the answer is of particular significance.
  • To keep it simple, we ask that you do not use any other color in your postings EXCEPT for the blue entered above for special answers, and the solution. We request that you use boldface and color code #000066 when posting your solution. This makes it easier for the Teaser Host to mark your teaser as solved, and for fellow teaser players to pick it out from other posts.

* * * What's the Deal With Teasers? * * *

  • Each Teaser starts with the setup-- a short description of the Teaser.
  • Members then attempt to solve the teaser by posting yes or no questions. There is a limit of **4** questions per player at a time. This means each player may ask 4 questions but NO more until their original 4 have been answered by the TM. After which each player may post 4 more. **4 questions consists of 4 question marks- not 4 runon questions with multiple question marks**
  • Teaser Masters will answer the questions until the solution is arrived at, at which time they will post the solution in it's entirety.
  • Members will email Teaser Masters with their guess at the solution if they think they have the answer early on, or if they have heard the Teaser before. If a member does know the right solution, we ask that it not be revealed so as to let everyone else participate in the fun.
  • Solved Teasers will be marked and moved to "Teasers With Solutions."

Have fun and stick around to read other Teasers!

Please do not post messages in this discussion area. Any messages posted here will be deleted.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / Teasers by Members  / ***Teaser Master Instructions***

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