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Florio, John : "Sugar Pop Moon"
Sugar Pop Moon
by John Florio

Published July 2013 by Seventh Street Books
215 pages paperback
Price: US $15.95 Can $17.00

Picture New York City during Prohibition times. Then imagine how tough the streets were to misfits and outcasts. THEN add in the fact that you are an albino from a mixed race coupling and you can sympathize with Jersey Leo and understand his highly complicated life. Called "Snowball" he is a bartender in a mob run "Speakeasy" in Hell's Kitchen. Snowball was abandoned by his own mother when he was a baby and his father who is barely in his life was a former boxing champ. He has real problems with his son working at a dive owned by gangsters.

Big trouble starts with "Sugar Pop Moon" ... the Moon is for Moonshine ... actually "counterfeit moonshine" and Snowball who was tricked into buying a lot of it with his bosses money ... which will surely get Snowball killed. He sets out to find the bootleggers to regain his boss's money to try to save his own life! He gets added pressure when he finds out that he has a price on his head. Snowball's life takes some drastic twists and he will never be the same ... I have to warn you that one of the scariest villains in my book reviews is introduced and will scare the life out of you ... who is okay with a cleaver wielding psychopath!! A well written plot line has Snowball and his father join forces to solve this situation even though Snowball has to come to terms with dark secrets from his past that get revealed as he and his father face challenges that are unwinnable it seems! A very good read and I highly recommend it for your Summer reading list or as a gift book to mystery loving friends.

John Florio: Lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a freelance writer. He lives with his wife Ouisie Shapiro He is the author of many new books from Prometheus. Visit him at his website

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Florio, John : "Sugar Pop Moon"

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