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Hate Crimes
Rob Lewis - 07:49pm Oct 23, 1998 PST

What about it? Should we prosecute hate crimes, or should we treat all crimes as crimes period?

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Eeva - 08:47pm Oct 22, 2003 PST(#201 of 210)

I think you are focusing too much on the punishment after the crime. Can't you imagine what it is to live in constant fear? Just because you know that there is people who hates what you are, and think they are allowed to kill you and your kind.

Is_this_normal? - 08:52pm Oct 22, 2003 PST(#202 of 210)
There can be no triumph without loss… no victory without suffering… no freedom without sacrifice… (from TROTK trailer) True words even for today.

...or at least without any repercussion.

Rob Lewis - 06:18am Oct 23, 2003 PST(#203 of 210)

I don't think in America anyone believes they are "allowed" to kill anyone. The fact remains, in a free society you can't start punishing people for what they think or believe. You don't want to start down that road.

We are free to think and believe what we wish, however wrong and stupid it is. If someone's action hurts another person, then it's a crime.

Carol Diemer - 08:25am Oct 26, 2003 PST(#204 of 210)
My three special angels.....

We absoultely cannot go down a road where someone tells us what we can believe, who we can like or hate. Everyone is free to believe how he/she sees fit. However, and that is with a capital H, it is WRONG to harm anyone based upon those beliefs. Murder is murder. A person is no less dead because he was killed by a drunk driver, in a drug deal gone wrong or killed because he is a homosexual.

Rob Lewis - 08:58am Oct 26, 2003 PST(#205 of 210)

Let me clarify something. Legally, there is nothing that can be done when someone has a belief the rest of us believe to be wrong. However, since we live in a free country, I have the same freedom to destroy the logic of that belief and put pressure, on a personal level, to change that person's mind.

William Pratt III - 05:53pm Oct 26, 2003 PST(#206 of 210)

normal,that's a good question--"Has any legislation ever stopped any crime?"--Probably not,although some years ago,car-jacking was becoming more widespread until the Federal Gov't passed a law enacting strict penalties for it--I don't have the stats,but I think that car-jacking crimes took a nosedive after that--was legislation the reason? who knows?

AKA Chris Fatcher Alex Snyder - 10:49am Oct 27, 2003 PST(#207 of 210)
Watcha gonna do when Chris comes for you?!?

Maybe we should go convince President Bush and Congress to ditch these stupid "HATE" crimes.....LOL.

In my opinion, a crime is a crime, and I think all murder is based on hate, jealousy, or desire for power, or other.

Marilyn Dickey - 07:33pm Nov 5, 2003 PST(#208 of 210)
This Too Shall Pass

Carol. I said pretty much the same thing back in 1998 post # 10. However, I didn't mention that the so called hate crimes would be considered high profile cases and get the most media attention. an Example: a person would think ,watching the coverage of the Elisabeth Smart case, that she was the only child ever kidnapped.Thank God Her case ended with a joyious reunion with her family But,thousands of other kidnapped victims were tortured and murdered and got hardly,if any, national attention at all.Something is very wrong when people are judged by what the media deems important and what would boost their ratings.

P Marlowe - 03:27pm Jun 18, 2004 PST(#209 of 210)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

How true, sadly true, Marilyn Dickey.

Another case on point is this insanity that surround the Laci Peterson case. Women are violently attacked and murdered daily. In fact a similar murder occurred the San Francisco area about 6 months prior to Laci’s disappearance. Her name is Evelyn Hernandez. She was eight months pregnant, she was found on the shore of the SF Bay minus her head and hands. Her unborn child was never found nor was her 5-year old son who was with her. Does anyone hear about her, no they don't. Does that mean her life was of less consequence? No, it does not.

All violent crime represents some form of hate or another - and the majority of hatred in this country seems directed at women in case no one has bothered noticing.

Anonymous Person - 01:31pm Oct 27, 2010 PST(#210 of 210)

hate crimes r still crimes. they should b treated like every other crime.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / True Crime  / Opinion and Debate  / Hate Crimes

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