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The Rockford Files
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Pontiac Firebird - 11:59am Nov 3, 2006 PST(#479 of 484)

I was in Paradise Cove in January this year, it felt surreal being there after watching 'Rockford' all these years.

I was in what is now Bill Morris's Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, and have a few napkins from there, here in my home town of Irvine, in Scotland.

I couldn't understand why there was hundreds of pictures featuring film stars (Gene Wilder was one) and the history of the cove, yet no references to Rockford, or anyone in it!

Pontiac Firebird - 04:21am Nov 4, 2006 PST(#480 of 484)

the Rockford car was a Firebird Esprit model -- which was one level up from the base Firebird. It seems almost every season they gave him the latest model, until the last few seasons when -- one of the Rockford websites says -- the production company actually leased a souped up Esprit, which happened to come with ram air intakes on the hood. They are said to have replaced the hood with a standard, no intake hood so it would not look drastically different from previous seasons. They apparently turned the vehicle back in to an LA dealer where they leased it -- and some dude now owns it (lucky dog), along with a certificate of authenticity proving it was THE car.

The above was posted in 2003, i've just joined so I have a bit of catching up to do!

How many cars did he get through? I can think of 4 occasions, including the first episode, when it was blown up. I take it there was a policy of replacing the old with an identical replacement, and his printing press always got out in one piece!

The 74 was blown up in the first episode, in Gearjammers, The Birds The Bees and the TT Flowers it went over a cliff, and he lost one in the cove to an explosion.

It was after TT I think he got the later model.

I have also noticed in later episodes, they used footage of earlier stories, and his 78 Esprit suddenly for a few seconds became a 74, then change back again. A story recently shown here in the UK, during a chase the car changed 4 times!!!

They have just began re running them (again) here in the UK, and in an early episode, where he still lived at 2354, his car mysteriously became a 78 Esprit!

Its easy to spot the mistakes, even though the cars were very similar in shape, the newer had more menacing square headlamps (and 4 of them) where the older had more docile looking round ones, and only 2.

Other glitches I've noticed include a white phone in an office, but with his number on it 311 555 2368!

Oliver Putsep - 02:57am Jan 31, 2007 PST(#481 of 484)

Re: the Firebird's. They actually had 14 Firebird's, most of which were Esprits. All had 400's. S. Cannell and R. Huggins leased a bodyshop in downtown L.A. where they fixed Jimmy's "mistakes" and kept recycling those 'Birds. By the way, Jimmy did all his own driving stunts...

Pontiac Firebird - 06:48am Mar 9, 2007 PST(#482 of 484)

Its not uncommon for cars to have siblings in tv shows, there were 5 KITT's in Knight Rider, on was made of fibreglass and did some of the stunt work, one had no engine and was towed on a boat trailer for close ups.

Dukes of Hazzard, I think they got through about 350 '69 Chargers!!

Here in the UK, a tv channel is about to reach the end of the run, and on Tuesday or Wednesday, start them all again!! Its Deadlock in Parma one day, followed by Backlash of The Hunter the next! I couldn't help but notice how abrupt Rockford was with people in the early episodes.

They are shown weekdays at about 7.20 am, and repeated about 4 pm, 5 days a week. There is also +1 time shift channels, where you can watch it again right after if the programme is an hour long.

I noticed in Love Is The Word a few days ago, one of the old 'Birds made a brief appearance in the dark. It was obvious by the round lamps as opposed to the near square, and the amber lights on the front on the newer model were nearer the middle of the hood.

I could try counting the number of episodes the old and the new both appeared in the name stock footage, but that would be too much!

It still feels surreal watching the show, knowing I've been to Paradise Cove (I live in Scotland) and also so it in a show called Girlfriends a few nights ago. In that show, it became a nudist beach!!

Michael janos - 03:37pm May 6, 2009 PST(#483 of 484)

Does anyone know where I can purchase DVD or VHS copies of the Rockford Files Reunion special TV movies? Or does anyone have tapings from TV broadcasts of any of these movies? I will pay cash or trade copies (DVD/VHS) of any of the standard TV episodes. Thanks, Folks. Please email me direct - Sir Michael Baltimore, MD USA

Robert Floyd - 11:38pm Dec 20, 2009 PST(#484 of 484)

I have a match box from the original "Sand castle at Paradise cove" restaurant. I'd like to discuss it's value and if anyohe would be interested. it is full of the original matches and no match has been struck on the box.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / TV Mystery Shows  / Private Eyes & Detectives  / The Rockford Files

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