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Police and Professionals

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This genre gets into the nitty-gritty of police work. It is told from the policeman's point of view and takes you along "on the job" for a realistic view of how the police "get their man".

Who is your favorite police character and why?

Carol Diemer - 03:37pm Feb 11, 1999 PST(#1 of 9)
My three special angels.....

I can think of two off the top of my head who I enjoy because of their style. Columbo and Francis X. Delaney, created by Lawrence Sanders. Both Colombo and FXD are written with the detail of their work and the process used to solve the criminal. Sanders goes into painstaking detail which I find extremely interesting. Colombo does the same thing only with a little more comedy thrown in.

In the same vein, that is why I like Law and Order so much. Here you start with the crime and then see how the logic and reasoning used to come up with a suspect. I find that fascinating.

Brigid O'Shaugnessy - 12:07pm Feb 18, 1999 PST(#2 of 9)


What about the 87th precinct series by Ed McBain? Those follow along with what you're talking about above.

Carol Diemer - 09:07am Feb 21, 1999 PST(#3 of 9)
My three special angels.....

Brigid, Haven't tried them, but thanks for the tip. Carol

Brigid O'Shaugnessy - 10:44am Feb 25, 1999 PST(#4 of 9)

They're a little graphic, tho-- more "Law & Order" than "Columbo" in terms of description, but so well done that I wouldn't call them gratuitous.

Hugh Drummond - 06:46am May 24, 1999 PST(#5 of 9)
" I have a criminal mind... I see bad in everyone," (Mr. J.G. Reeder)

How can you even mention the Police Procedural without the names John Creasy (Writing as J.J. Marric) and Inspector Gideon?


Lynda Colbert - 12:42pm Jul 30, 1999 PST(#6 of 9)

Has anyone read Jeffrey Deaver's new character. The books are Bone Collector and Grave Digger (I am not sure about the 2nd title. It is either Digger or Dancer) His new character is Lincoln Rhymes, a parapalegic forensic criminologist. (say that 3 times fast) I find the character and the detail fascinating!

mystreeluver - 08:21pm Dec 12, 1999 PST(#7 of 9)

Lynda, I read both of Deaver's novels, and I too enjoyed them. I am almost afraid to see the movie Bone Collector...Movies are almost always a disappointment compared to the books. I believe the second one was Grave Dancer.

Hugh Drummond - 10:19am Jan 11, 2000 PST(#8 of 9)
" I have a criminal mind... I see bad in everyone," (Mr. J.G. Reeder)

This is why, if I ever get published, I'm not selling the movie rights.


yolanda valdivia - 02:32am Mar 25, 2004 PST(#9 of 9)

loved micheal connely novel bloodwork, i readed in record time. Only want to say i was disappointed that the movie did change some of the characters involvement in the story for example the nurse was change to a waitress and the information about the tranplants in the book was discover by the nurse not the doctor as the movie indicates. Also change in the movies was that the kidnap nurse (waitress and her nephew) were found on a ship in the book they where inprison in a lock underground area and in the movie they were lock on a ship (boat).

I would've enjoy the movie as much as I did the novel if it wasn't for the change they make.

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