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Ruffin, Gary; "Hot Shot"

Gary Ruffin Books

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Hot Shot

Gary Ruffin

Published by The Overlook Press
July 2010

Price US $24.95

It has been a long while since I have read a book like Hot Shot. It is a throwback to those film noir type murder mysteries where half the dialogue is meant to be cheesy, tongue in cheek, wryly humorous and the other half is spot on rapid fire dialogue with quirky characters in edgy, sinister plots.

This first time author brings a refreshing, irreverent twist to a wickedly dark tale that introduces us to Detective Samuel “Coop” Cooper. Known to his sleepy Gulf Port town as Coop, we meet this slightly aging, hard drinking, hard partying, womanizing, bad boy lawman, who starts his day with his faithful old dog dying. After a breakfast of a few shots of whiskey, Coop figures his day can only get better but he could not have been more wrong!

Ruffin creates a new ensemble of bizarre characters from the lovable to the terrifying as he takes our reluctant hero Coop from the breezy, sunny beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the sultry, darkened crime filled backstreets of New Orleans French Quarter. With the deaths of a Senator’s daughter and an elderly witness in the first chapter, Ruffin weaves a story that grabs the reader and hurls them through scenes of side-splitting humor, heart stopping run-ins with a powerful Mob family that rival the characters of the Godfather, and entanglements for Coop with the FBI and a femme fatale that puts Jessica Rabbit to shame! As far as plot twists this one has plenty but it ends with one of the best twists I’ve seen in a long time and one of the most unexpected but intense torture scenes you could “squirm” through!

I recommend that if you like characters that are a bit on the strange side and plots that have equal parts humor and horror and you can laugh at cheesy lines like when Coop tells our femme fatale … “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!”, then this is the book for you.

About the Author:
Gary Ruffin:

Gary lives in a town near Atlanta Georgia and Hot Shot is his first novel. You might remember Gary from back when he was a guitarist with a rock group Smoke Rise as well as being a singer songwriter. After surviving a serious battle and surgery with a brain tumor, Ruffin has brilliantly channeled his creativity into his writing. I heard and hope its true that we can expect a 3 book deal from this true survivor and witty author in the near future.

kirsten b - 12:22pm Sep 12, 2010 PST(#1 of 3)

This was a good book. The story brought you right in. You got to know the characters pretty quickly. There were some surprising twists that made the end unexpected.

jay gee - 11:14am Nov 5, 2010 PST(#2 of 3)

HOT SHOT GARY RUFFIN The Overlook Press $24.95 I thought i was reading a Jim Thompson book. It was a three sitting read....and i look forward to reading more Coop stories i hope to come......

Fran Hinkel - 01:53am Nov 9, 2010 PST(#3 of 3)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Love the book reviews. You can't tell much from reading the covers, so it's great to hear from the reader.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Ruffin, Gary; "Hot Shot"

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