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Nero Wolfe
We're curious if any other mystery buffs are addicted to Rex Stout. Is Wolfe truly an olympus of detection - compared with say, Poirot or Maigret?

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Arthur Munson Jr. - 06:15pm Jan 29, 2003 PST(#123 of 128)
Munce: If I were any better looking, I'd think the deck was stacked!!

In an effort to get A&E to start up the Wolf Series again, go to the A&E web site and post a message (Nice language please!!)

Let's start behaving like a "Wolf Pack" and start working together!!

Ciao, A. Scott Munson Jr.

hepzibah pyncheon - 06:29am Sep 8, 2003 PST(#124 of 128)

STOUT FELLOW A Guide Through Nero Wolfe’s World By O.E. McBride—published by iUniverse, Inc., the leading provider of publishing technology solutions for authors. Iuniverse, Inc. announced today a new Nero Wolfe Compendium.

Brief synopsis: Are you one of the millions who has spent many pleasant hours reading about Nero Wolfe converting the calories from his gourmet dining (albeit grudgingly) into mental energy to solve a murder? If you have traipsed through that morass of neuroses, idiosyncrasies and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, you must have questions. Did you know that while Wolfe usually tilts the scales near one-seventh of a ton, he may once have weighed less than his svelte associate, Archie Goodwin? Or how many times the “unbreakable” rules of the house are broken? Or why Fritz speaks French although he’s not from France? Or how many bullet and knife wounds Wolfe carries on his normally sedentary carcass? Or what Inspector Cramer’s first name is? Or how the characters evolved over the four decades of their existence? This book will provide you with the answers to those questions and a thousand others. I hope you find it satisfactory.

THE AUTHOR: O.E. McBride is the pseudonym of an author who primarily writes in the non-fiction, history and biography genres. One of his few fiction interests has always been Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe series, a canon he has read and re-read since childhood. This work is his homage to the series.

About STOUT FELLOW: This volume will give you the most thorough examination in existence of Nero Wolfe, his retinue of faithful retainers, his home, his gourmet tastes, his philosophy, his flowers, his books, his adversaries and their victims, and a list of the nearly 1,400 characters in the series. The perfect companion to the canon of 74 novels and novellas, it is a worthy companion to Rex Stout’s indispensable contribution to detective fiction.

Trade Paperback and Hardback, Print on demand, Publication Date: May 2003 Price: $19.95 (paperback) or $29.95 (Hardback) Size: 6 x 9, 264 pages Author: O.E. McBride ISBN: 0-595-27861-2 (paperback) or 0-595-65716-8 (hardback) Available from iUniverse, Inc. at 1-877-823-9235 or Also available through Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor,, Barnes &

Thales - 12:18am Oct 19, 2004 PST(#125 of 128)

I've always thought that Nero Wolfe is more like Sherlock Holmes than he is any other mystery novel character. Archie is like a street smart, American, Watson, and Wolfe is a lazy, staying at home, Holmes. Wolfe even has his Moriarty - Zeck.

Sherry Collins - 09:10am Jan 25, 2005 PST(#126 of 128)

In all the years I have been reading mysteries, there is no one to compare to Wolfe and Archie. Never do I want to skip ahead because I'm bored with a section of the book. Also they are always good for another read later on. Has anyone read the three stories done by Glen Dixon? They didn't get the notice that those done by Goldsborough did, but in my opinion they were much better done and more like Archie talks, although no one can ever achieve Stoutian heights.

Hillary Evans - 08:27am Aug 29, 2005 PST(#127 of 128)

I've never actually read a Nero Wolfe novel, but I am totally addicted to the audio books. The man who reads most of them is a great voice actor and really brings Archie and Nero to life. (He does well with the others as well.) If you just can't put the books down, try listening to the audio books.

rlk - 06:56pm Nov 26, 2009 PST(#128 of 128)

boy, this blog is quiet.

spend some time translating the books into russian.

it is a hoot.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Nero Wolfe

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