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Seidel, Spencer: “Lovesick”

Spencer Seidel Books

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By Spencer Seidel Published by Publishing Works “PW”
On e-books now and available in Paperback June 2012
US $14.95 … 378 pages

Wow! I probably need a moment to gather my thoughts but I am just gonna jump in right now and do this review. I just completed reading Seidel’s newest novel … a true thriller called “Lovesick” and my head is spinning from the heart racing, breath holding, fist clenching, mouth drying conclusion! Just like with his first novel I reviewed last year, “Dead of Wynter”, I believe Spencer Seidel has another winner on his hands.

“… some crimes truly are unforgivable!.” In this mystery Seidel presents the reader with most of these crimes. The story begins when a normal patrol of a darkened industrialized version of a lover’s lane brings them face to face with a scene so repulsive that a rookie cop vomits … two young men frozen in a moment of horror both covered in blood … one with his head almost severed and one with a large bloody knife in his hand and an expression on his terrified face of one in purgatory’s torment! From here Seidel takes the reader back through the months leading up to this most awful of nights to unfold before us all the dirty little secrets kept behind the doors of this boringly normal small town in Maine that led up to this. He forces our faces into the repulsive but undeniable episodes of perversion, domestic violence, child abuse and shows us the monsters behind the masks and the monsters who are willing to do anything to protect them! Having served and devoted many years to promoting the causes against “Family Violence, Violence Against Women, and vehemently against Child Predators” I found this story to have its finger on the pulse of this epidemic of abuse, lies and protectors. I applaud Seidel for finding a way to rip off the masks and reveal the true face of evil.

This well-written murder mystery takes a strange but welcome approach of following the tangled and complicated stories of “truly damaged” people. He exposes the lives of 3 teens caught in an epic but doomed love triangle, a brilliant but damaged psychiatrist, Dr Lisa Boyers, who is brought in to evaluate this tragic lone survivor - is he saint or killer? and a lovely young woman who disappears leaving behind the biggest mystery of all … Is she dead, a runaway, a temptress Lolita or a pitiable victim? Unaware of a separate deranged killer that is stalking their every move, all the players speed towards an intense exciting ending that doesn’t disappoint.

As I did with his first novel “Dead of Wynter” I feel that since MysteryNet is a family friendly site, I must again give a warning that this book, because of the subject matter, does contain strong language and adult themes. However one cannot write about such horrific things and avoid these, they are part of that ugliness. But in my opinion it is well written and gut wrenchingly raw.

Review by Bella

About the Author:
Spencer Seidel is an honors graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and attended Berklee College of Music. His love for books began with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Later he was drawn to darker work which continues to influence his mysteries and short stories. His first book, Dead of Wynter drew praise from mystery writers Michael Palmer and Gerry Boyle, and has received accolades from a multitude of readers. He lives in Chatham, New Jersey.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Seidel, Spencer: “Lovesick”

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