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Looking for an interactive game
I heard about a game that I think is computer gnerated but contacts a person (sleuth) by phone and email to solve a mystery. Hoping someone here can help me find it-Thank you

Vicki Edler - 07:49pm Jul 10, 2003 PST(#1 of 13)

I want to hold a "who done it" party for scouts. I would like to tie it in with science and magic and whatever else will allow the kids to interact. Help?! Any ideas?

Kezia Rusli - 03:24pm Sep 24, 2003 PST(#2 of 13)

This is such a boring game

Bazoo826 - 06:09pm Jan 8, 2004 PST(#3 of 13)
The nightmare before christmas is the best movie. I love Jack!

I dunno..........

Brian Hicks - 02:20pm Mar 18, 2004 PST(#4 of 13)

you can get a mini murder mystery kit at book stores.

Elaine Hsu - 11:14pm Apr 15, 2004 PST(#5 of 13)

hi anyone knows where can i find more free online mystery games like Stickman Murder Mysteries?Would appreciate any suggestions...thank you :)

Sarah Clavet - 10:51am Apr 22, 2004 PST(#6 of 13)

I found some more web sites that may interest you but, they are only free game trials so you never get to finish solving the mystery which isn't fun. One of the games is at and its called Sydney Mystery. I also highly recommend the Nancy Drew murder mysteries if you are looking to buy. I wouldn't even say they were childrens games because they are too hard for kids to play and great fun for adults.

Benicia King - 04:58pm Jul 17, 2004 PST(#7 of 13)

I need some tips on Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion

katzu713 - 04:07am Sep 1, 2004 PST(#8 of 13)
master detective in training (sorta)

murder mysteries are good, stuff like robberies and stuff arent... anyone know where i can find different stuff on murder mysteries?

the clues are many and suspects abound, but with a keen eye for details, one truth will prevail

Niki M - 03:27am Sep 16, 2004 PST(#9 of 13)

I found a list of online games that had some fun one's on them. Check out

Panama - 04:25am Oct 20, 2004 PST(#10 of 13)


We recently announced the launch of This is an online interactive fiction service which aims to provide multiplayer and singleplayer adventures and puzzles that can be played via your browser.

As times goes on, we will produce more variety of tales and puzzles but for now we are focusing on Mystery stories.

Come and take a look and send me your opinions.

I'm also looking for talented people to help me develop the tales, games and the general look of the services. If you are interested, then get in touch too.


L.M.Entry - 01:18pm Apr 18, 2005 PST(#11 of 13) has some good interactive games.

The turorial is free and is a complete case.

L.M.Entry - 02:12am Apr 19, 2005 PST(#12 of 13)

Oops, forgot to mention

this one lets you have three or four free cases a day.

Robert H - 06:40am Aug 31, 2011 PST(#13 of 13)

Hi, I am looking for a mystery game/puzzle. I hope you can help guide my search. I think the category would be called "mystery puzzle kit". In the mid 1980's I bought a reproduction mystery puzzle from a national bookstore chain retailer. It might have been B. Dalton. The puzzle was a reproduction of a paper folio mystery game or puzzle from the 1920's or 1930's. It was about 1" thick and contained "clues" such as documents, letters and newspaper clippings. The object of the game/puzzle was to study the clues and build a theory of how the crime was committed (whodunit). In the back was a sealed envelope with the solution. I loaned this out in 1986 and never got it back! Please advise if you have ever seen an item like this and advise how best to search for it. Thanks in advance,


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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Looking for an interactive game

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