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Spencer, C.M.: "Roadkill" Also Titled "Framed For Murder"

C.M. Spencer Books

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By C.M. Spencer
Format: eBook
99 Cent Download

Mystery Net has never done something like this, at least I have never read an “e-book” but thankfully my very first one was a real surprise and a treat to read. This is a new author who, from my impression of this novel, will be around for a long time to come. I hope beyond hope that she continues with this intriguing character and her companion dog Wendy. Her natural born investigator and current damsel in distress is Anna Nolan, a single mom of one teenage son. She works in the Admin offices of a local University, but seems born to be a sleuth with her sharp investigative skills matched only by her tenacity and twisted imagination. This story was pleasantly challenging in the old fashioned way made popular by Agatha Christie, and today, by characters like Sue Grafton's private detective, Kinsey Millhone and Diane Mott Davidson’s caterer turned local sleuth, Goldie. If you want a good book to read on your new Ipad or e-reader, in this cold and snowy weather we are having now, this is it!

This is a true thrilling “who-dun-it murder mystery”, so download this one and get the blanket or quilt, build or fake a fire, call your pooch or kitty, cuddle back with a warm cuppa and enjoy yourself with “RoadKill”.

I can promise you it is very well worth the price and the time. The writer puts you right there in the action with acutely described scenes that flow off her pen and capture your imagination straight away. While on a nightly walk with her dog Wendy along a road they know by heart, Wendy suddenly tears away from a stunned Anna. Wendy discovers a crumpled body laying face down, cold and unmoving. Anna hurries over and is horrified to see that it is the dead body of her ex husband Jack Nolan, a gorgeous but no good, second rate actor, womanizer and one of those men that “deserved killin” - but she didn’t do it!! Worse still is the fact that an Officer investigating an anonymous tip walks up on her at that very moment and his flashlight beam lights up Anna leaning over the dead body.

The evidence screams that “she did too do it”. At that very moment she is thrown into a maelstrom that just may rob her of her life, her son, and possibly find herself or her nearly grown son on Death Row. What follows is an exciting thriller that pits your brains and sleuthing skills against the Detectives and the real killer, with a cast of possible suspects that any sleuth would love to investigate, along with the many women that her ex had loved and burnt, not to mention the men he had conned and wronged. Anna is the Police’s main suspect which gives her very little time to find the real killer. And boy howdy how she goes about it and the fun and the fear mixed together make for a true “chiller thriller” that I couldn’t put down!

Great job of writing Spencer! Send me all the ones to come! I would wish you good luck but you won’t need it!

About the Author:

Catherine Spencer lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, 2 daughters and two cats. She is a published short story author and the author of a new amateur sleuth series set in the Foothills of Alberta. Road Kill, the first of the “Anna Nolan” mystery series, came out in October 2012. She is working on her next novel “Town Haunts”.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Spencer, C.M.: "Roadkill" Also Titled "Framed For Murder"

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