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Mystery dinner/party games
Mysteries are fun as stories, but they're also fun to play! Mystery dinner/party games have been getting more and more popular in recent years. They're a great way to add something more to a get-together. Need a recommendation or want to offer one to others? What did you do to make it fun?

Share your thoughts-- post a message below.

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sandy straw - 09:59am Feb 12, 2005 PST(#216 of 223)

Can anyone help me? I have the murder mystery game "Staying Alive" and we are missing the clue for Lyza M - clue #3. We are having the party this weekend and need the clue. Can you help?

Dennis Pascale Jr. - 05:33am Dec 23, 2005 PST(#217 of 223)


If it hasn't been mentioned previously on these boards, may I recommend the Ace Murder Mystery party games. I have bought 3 out of the 4 games that they sell. They are a UK company that takes pay pal and credit cards and though I live in NJ, USA, I got them rather quickly after I ordered them.

We played the Halloween Mystery "A Taste of Transylville Terror" this past Halloween and it was a blast! This company has some of the best murder mystery party games. The themes and settings are very unique and the author does a great job with his mysteries. Fair play clues and the plots are not only hilarious, but make perfect sense. Many of the parties deal with famous figures or fictional characters. For example, the Halloween party included Count Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Jekyll/Hyde and the Wicked Witch as some of the suspects. I can't say enough good things about these games, and no I don't work for them. So if your looking for some great games, try them out. You can see them at

The Clueless One - 06:31am Feb 26, 2006 PST(#218 of 223)
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A few weeks ago I was part of a mystery dinner game called Brie, the Bullet and the Black Cat. It comes from Murder A la Carte and is supposed to be set in Casablanca in 1942. The characters have been invited to a dinner at the residence of the Deputy Mayor, a man with the name Huges Le Grandbutte. The Black Cat, a successful mime artist, was to be the guest of honour, but he was murdered. One (or more) of the dinner guests did it. There were three rounds, as it were, and the occasional clue would be opened. The first part was scripted, but then you had to ask someone a question related to a clue, or in turn had to answer a question directed at you. You were told what to ask, and also given suggestions on how to best answer any questions. There was a tape that went with it, supposedly with policeman Inspector LaClue on it. It was to help us out. Unfortunately, the tape was broken, even though it hadn't been used before, so we had to improvise. I still think it went well, though, considering it's the first such thing I had ever been to.

Martha Garmon - 02:43pm Sep 18, 2006 PST(#219 of 223)

I am looking for a clue. The one I need is in the HTHAM episode Hoo Hung Woo. Anyone have the secret clue for Gen. Shang?

Juanita Rose Violini - 03:57pm Sep 2, 2007 PST(#220 of 223)

I am doing a new website and am currently researching what people would like in a murder mystery house party. They will be called Cluetrail Capers. The box games have been around for years; to mixed reviews - some fun, some boring. Pretty much depends on who's playing them probably. My challenge is to come up with something more guaranteed for a good time. Something failsafe in the script; but it won't actually be a script. More guidelines and set up and a secret surprise that I'm not talking about yet.

At the moment I'm wondering this; do people like themes? Which ones? How much preparation are they interested in doing? Would they have a mystery party just to have fun or for someone's birthday or anniversary? If anyone would like to give input on any of these questions, I would love to hear it!

Utk Raja - 08:31pm Dec 22, 2007 PST(#221 of 223)

I LOVE the Clue/Agatha Christie-theme, with some odd people being invited to an isolated mansion, each with a dirty secret, no one willing to share... and then, the host is murdered. Not sure if it's possible in a murder-mystery party, but I think it'd be pretty fun if the guests were "picked off" one by one as well.

Maggie Oyer - 10:15am Jun 28, 2008 PST(#222 of 223)

Hi. I am 16 and i want to host a mystery party but i dont have the money to buy a story. Is there any website that gives them for free or at least at a discounted price? I would love to do this for my friend who is leaving because she loves this stuff and she is moving away forever. please help me this is my best friend and i really want to do this for her.

Joan Jackson - 03:37pm Oct 27, 2009 PST(#223 of 223)

Did you ever get the information?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Mystery Parties  / Mystery dinner/party games

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