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MM Party With A Twist: Weapons and More Murder
Hello all at MN...rookie to the forum here.

I've honestly not attended the 'Host A Murder Mystery' box sets where there are scripts and rounds, so can't speak to those but did attend a different type of MMP.

In this one we were given character backgrounds, dress/acting suggestions, secrets we were to keep, secrets we had on other characters, things we were to do during the night and there were NO scripts or rounds.

But even without them, the night was alot of fun and there were plenty of opportunities (if you paid attention) to pick up clues here and there and solve the crime.

An added wrinkle was there were two additional murders aside from the original. Murder as an option was built into the game (with rules of course) and added to fun and intrigue of the evening(part of the game is bribery/blackmail/and if within the rules, murder, of other characters).

Now I am planning an MMP of my own and wanted to add yet another wrinkle...weapons.

I've put together:

1. Some tentative rules for how this would be integrated into game

2. A riddle which must be solved to attain the weapon or weapons (I personally want to limit any additional murders to ONE, but that's just me)

Below are my tentative rules for attaining the weapon and welcome your comments and suggestions.

...As explained in the brochure, it’s possible that there can be more murders in addition to the original one built into game for us to solve. To avoid us killing each other left and right, we will limit the game to ONE additional murder aside from the original. Here are the rules for that additional murder:

-On the night of the party, after the first murder you will open envelopes given to you earlier in the evening with each of your own ‘secrets’. In addition to those secrets you will also be given a clue to a murder weapon.

-There will be only one weapon and only the person who gets the weapon (if anyone) will be allowed to commit the ONE additional murder.

-If you want to be able to commit murder (or get the weapon first and use it to sell/give/extort to others) you must first solve the clue.

-Once you feel you have solved the clue, you will write down the answer of the weapon on a piece of paper and give to the Host.

-If your answer is right and you guess the weapon correctly (and first one to do so, obviously) then you will get the weapon.

Also here is link to another forum here at MN where I have posted the first draft of riddle I plan to use for my MMP. I welcome comments/suggestions re: the riddle at that forum also.

AJ Nicolas "A Riddle By AJ Nicolas" Feb 25, 2006 - 11:35am

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Mystery Parties  / MM Party With A Twist: Weapons and More Murder

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