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I really need help solving this riddle.
I hope this is the right place to post this if it is not I will re post it in the correct place.

Your goal is to find out which jewel I'm taking, the exact time and date of my heist, my entry route (if you feel like it), and my exit route.

Three jewels are being exhibited in the Japanese Museum of Natural Science (JMNS): the Raindrop (third floor, light blue spherical-cut star sapphire, India), the Fairy's Wish (third floor, brilliant cut [medium] white diamond, China), and the Puzzle Piece (fourth floor, large uncut opal, Africa). Possible entry routes are any of 45 known floors including ground floor.

The jewels will be displayed from May 15 - June 2. Last Quarter is on May 17, the New Moon rises on May 24, Memorial Day is on May 25, First Quarter is on May 31, and the Full Moon is on June 7.

Heist Note #2

The first one, hidden, is the old moon’s shine; The second, taken, is the jewel fine; The third, stolen, is a way to pine; The fourth, broken, is not a sign; The fifth and sixth, an item, the way is mine.

Olivia Tang - 12:27pm Jun 18, 2015 PST(#1 of 2)

I think the old moon's shine means you're going to steal it on the Last Quarter aka May 17. The old moon is the last quarter since the "new" moon is next.

Also when I searched jewel fine, there was a lot of the word "china" in the results. So the jewel you are going to steal is the Fairy's Wish, since it is from China.

The rest is still very unclear to me.

Olivia Tang - 06:21pm Jun 18, 2015 PST(#2 of 2)

My Guess:

The fourth, broken, is not a sign. So maybe the clue is broken up. Is not a sign is a anagram for assigned to so the jewel Fairy Drop is assigned to the third floor. So you are entering or exiting from the third floor.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / I really need help solving this riddle.

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