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Legend of the Crystal Skull (#17)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Legend of the Crystal Skull
The Legend of the Crystal Skull (#17)
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The Search Is On for an Unearthly Artifact in New Orleans!

Nancy Drew and Bess Marvin are vacationing in the Big Easy, where they learn about a missing crystal skull rumored to give its possessor immortality. Its owner recently died and they must find it before it falls into the wrong hands!

Stuck somewere? Need a tip?

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ShootingStar345 - 06:21pm Nov 28, 2009 PST(#388 of 399)

Hey girls!!! I'm stuck in the part of the graveyard thing with the bone stick thingy!!! Need help noW!!!! Spoilers WELCOME!!!!

Nefret51 - 09:17pm Dec 8, 2009 PST(#389 of 399)

I have all the glass eyes. except one. The one in the perpetual motion dealy. I click the lever and the eye goes out and I just can't seem to be able to catch it!!!!! Am I doing something wrong? My check list is complete except for the last eye. HELP!!!!!! Please advise!!

lnana - 12:23pm Feb 8, 2010 PST(#390 of 399)

whats up with the box at zekes cant open it with the correct letters ughhhh

lnana - 01:36pm Feb 8, 2010 PST(#391 of 399)

please help with the situation at zekes and that box

sillyauto - 06:42am Feb 22, 2010 PST(#392 of 399)

I'm a newbie, just got sucked in...

HELP! I can't get into box in Iggy's vent. i tried to look on here for some hints...but i got nothing. I call bess, but it says something about her shopping, i don't want to quit playing, but there's nothing else to do but that.

can anyone shed some light:)

pdsschool - 01:21pm Apr 22, 2010 PST(#393 of 399)

inana, i got this off of gameboomers,

Box: Go to the back room while Lamont is sneezing like crazy. Click on the box. See a picture of a young boy and dog. There a label of Bruno and... There's another picture of an iguana wearing a pirate costume complete with a hat. There is a skeleton costume with hat. Open the box: Look at the letters on top of the wood box. Read the French vacation letter and the note with Hamlet and numbers. Check Bess' observations in the journal. Using the Hamlet clue numbers as guide, count off the number of alphabets in the French vacation letter and write down the letter it stops on. La Vergne was just wondrous this summer. We both stayed in the south of France for only a few days to visit some old friends... Hamlet: 1 - L, 3 - E, 32 - B. Hamlet: 8 - E, 3 - N, 6 - U. Hamlet: 8 - N, 14 - D, 4 - T. Hamlet: 1 - O, 12 - D, X. Enter on the code lock: LEBENUNDTOD. Inside the box, read the letter about the Whisperer. Bess automatically calls Nancy and gives her findings.

pdsschool - 01:23pm Apr 22, 2010 PST(#394 of 399)

hope that helps!

Anxhenei - 06:24am Aug 4, 2010 PST(#395 of 399)

Hey, i already have 24 eyeglasses and i cannot find the last one. The only thing i was not able to do in my checklist is "finding all the eyeglasses that blah blah.." I ended with the treasure box that was given by iggy and i have no idea how to open it, there's no hint or any instructions about it. I called everyone listed on the phone and talk to henry and rennee several times already. I'm so tired of killing those wasps to get a fruit for iggy and dress iggy repeatedly, hoping he might give me somethin. I also thought of rennee having the last glass eye, maybe it's in the small pouch in her neck, but how am i suppose to get it? Argh, PLEASE, HELP ME FIND THE LAST ONE, HUHUHUHUHU. I always think about it even in class and i cannot focus on my studies unless i finishd it, hehe :P

Shecklerfan#1 - 11:57am Aug 22, 2010 PST(#396 of 399)
Go Wildcats!!!

Anxhenei- to get the eyeball from Iggy you have to dress him as an optometrist. To do that put the head lens on, name tag on Iggy's collar and the ophthalmoscope on his waist. Hope this helps you.

pawii - 06:44am May 18, 2011 PST(#397 of 399)

hey guys, i totally need 911 here. mean, what the heck is "Error: This is an unexpected token. The unexpected token is 'EndElement'. Line 459, position 22" can't play !!!!! T.T it said that i should report it to Her Interactive Technical Support but i don't know how to REPORT it !! urrghhh . please help !

Vivian Mao - 08:12pm Feb 14, 2012 PST(#398 of 399)

So I put the order that I read earlier in the discussion but it still doesnt work. Help please!

Emma Cappel - 12:01pm Apr 28, 2012 PST(#399 of 399)

Omg how do you get past that spider Nancy says that might be posinous then I try again and it says the key here is NOT to get bitten by a spider! Spoilers welcome!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Legend of the Crystal Skull (#17)