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mike morgan - 04:41pm Oct 24, 1998 PST(#7 of 15)

Haven't heard anything about Killer Joe.

- 08:28pm Nov 28, 1999 PST(#8 of 15) Delete Message

Has anybody seen 'Communicating Doors?' Its a the Canadian Premier of this science-fiction/mystery type play. I saw it. Average, kind of confusing. I suppose I'd recommend it if you haven't anything better to view.

Joy Golden - 05:22pm Aug 2, 2000 PST(#9 of 15)

'Communicating Doors' was performed by a local group this spring in Kansas City. Unfortunately there were many elderly people in the audience, and it wasn't for them. It's OK...something different..

G.D. Weisgerber - 03:08pm Jan 15, 2003 PST(#10 of 15)

This thread has been pretty quiet for some time. I'm not sure anyone looks at it anymore, but in case you do, here's the story of a new stage mystery and what became of it.

I spent the better part of 2000 researching, constructing and drafting a three act mystery for the stage. After completing the second draft, I had big ideas of shopping the play to publishers and theater companies, entering contests and the like.

But after reading the previous messages on this board from Mike Morgan, Rich Weill and Joy Golden, it occurred to me that I should hold my horses and consider trying something different. What if I were to contact local theater companies and see if anyone might be interested in working with me on producing the show?

Fortunately, one company was very interested, so I began a third draft of the script, during which time my wife and I began shopping garage sales and such for costumes and props. When the deal was set with the theater, I began buying lumber, paint and other materials for the set, sent press releases regarding auditions to local and nearby city newspapers and contacted all the local actors I knew.

"The Colors of Blackmail" was produced April 2001 in Albany Oregon and ran for two weekends, five performances. Because I had over twenty years of theater experience and because it was my baby, I directed the show myself.

In the end, I was very pleased. Not only did we break even, but we showed a $300 profit. Most important, by directing the show I saw what worked and what didn't and could make changes to the script as needed (much to the lead actor's chagrin).

After taking time to regain some objectivity, I'm currently working on a fourth (and hopefully final) edit. The play is too long...nearly two and a half hours. The theater wants to schedule the play again (they made about $1500 on the show) during the summer.

If you've written a stage mystery, I suggest you consider having it produced locally. Sure it's a risk, both to your finances and your ego...but there's nothing like being able to catch potential problems with the show and fix them before you send it off to a publisher or whatever your plans may be. If you do so, I wish you as much luck as I had and hope you find the process as fulfilling as I did.

Dramaticat - 02:41am Jan 16, 2003 PST(#11 of 15)
"These little grey cells - it is up to them" - H. Poirot

Way to go, GD! Mounting a production of your play must be the best way to find out what's good about it and what needs some work.

I hope your new draft and new production are even more successful. And if you do decide to send it off to publishers, you can do so knowing it has been thoroughly "road tested" and hopefully more likely to be accepted.

I am in the process of writing the January 2004 pantomime for my local group, so no doubt I shall be going through all the joys and angst that you did fairly soon!

Fran Hinkel - 07:08am Jan 17, 2003 PST(#12 of 15)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Congratulations, G.D! Glad all your hard work paid off. I wish you luck.

Cool jerk - 07:52am Feb 2, 2003 PST(#13 of 15)

Has anyone seen the play murder in green meadows? It is not really a mystery but it is so cool.

Kristina Poliszczuk - 07:09am Feb 13, 2006 PST(#14 of 15)

Hi, I want to mention a new play called Audience with Murder written by Roger Leach and Colin Wakefield. It uses the "play within a play" device and it's a darkly comic thriller, taking you from a seemingly domestic play through to a brutal climax. It opens on Tuesday 21 February at the Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London, SW1. It plays from 7.30pm Mon to Sat with Sat matinees at 3.30pm. I recommend it for all those who enjoy a good murder mystery. Thanks.

Chris Hansen - 08:22pm Oct 16, 2009 PST(#15 of 15)

Hello all: I'm active with my local community theatre. On the average, we do a mystery every other season. We are currently rehearsing "Murder's in the Heir", a comic spoof written by Billy St.John. In the past we have performed both "Busman's Honeymoon", and "Communicating Doors". For more information, go to wcp/ "Murder's in the Heir" will be performed at the Waterloo Community Playhouse (Waterloo, Iowa) Sept.23-31, 2009. All MysteryNet members are cordially invited to attend. Best wishes, Chris.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / Stage  / What's New

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