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Lanier, Virginia

Virginia Lanier Books

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Virginia Lanier is the author of the Bloodhound series featuring Jo Beth Sidden, the smart and feisty bloodhound trainer and tracker.

Virginia Lanier lives with her husband on the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp, in Echols County, Georgia. She is the award-winning author of The House on Bloodhound Lane, Death in Bloodhound Red, and A Brace of Bloodhounds. She is a member of the American Bloodhound Club and Sisters in Crime.

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Lynne Rowe - 11:25am Aug 19, 2000 PST(#13 of 23)

The official web site is: land/Meadows/1442/vlanier.htm

Helene Tanguay - 10:49pm Feb 4, 2001 PST(#14 of 23)

I met Virginia Lanier at an author's luncheon. She had everyone mesmerized with her down to earth presentation.

She truly deserves the success she has received from her bloodhound series.

So very sorry to hear that she and her husband have been ill.

bea hamilton - 08:04pm Apr 27, 2001 PST(#15 of 23)

Is Virginia Lanier's new book "A Bloodhound to Die For" available at book stores yet? I saw something about it, but cannot seem to locate a copy. Thanks.

Tena Perry - 07:37am May 24, 2001 PST(#16 of 23)

I am a Virginia Lanier fan and like others am waiting sometimes not so patiently for her next one. I understand that she has been ill and I think of her often and wish the best for her and her husband. Get well Virginia and write more. We love it.

Dolores - 03:10pm Aug 4, 2001 PST(#17 of 23)

I accidentally came across Virginia Lanier's first Jo Beth Siddons "bloodhound" novel and was hooked ever since. I remember her inscription to Hoss in part "Honey, it can't get any better than this. I surely hope Virginia and Hoss recover from their illnesses. I understand Virginia is in a wheelchair. God bless you Virginia and Hoss and may you continue to write more. You're a terrific writer

Dolores Riley (Chicago, IL

Serah Cheatham - 07:39am Sep 10, 2001 PST(#18 of 23)

I have been privileged to have read all of the bloodhound mysteries thus far, and have been searching for the latest ones...i just can't wait until it comes prayers will be to Hashem above for both Virginia & Hoss to get well...i have truly learned alot about bloodhounds just from reading her novels...

Roberta Nelson - 06:17pm Nov 3, 2001 PST(#19 of 23)

My daughter-in-law told me about a series of books she had read and wanted more, she lent them to another daughter-in-law who said the same thing. I finally got them and can truly say, I can't wait for the next book! I love to read and have never found myself so involved in the lives of the characters. I KNOW these people due to Mrs. Lanier's excellent writing. I sincerely hope that she is feeling better, we really want to continue with "our family, Jo Beth, Donnie Ray, Jasmine, Wayne, Rosie & Hank". Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mrs. Lanier for the reading enjoyment you have given me.

j. c. lanier - 11:48pm Sep 20, 2002 PST(#20 of 23)

I want to know if you have family in cuba some years ago o centurys ago. thank.

pat shelby - 06:08pm Aug 10, 2003 PST(#21 of 23)

Virginia Lanier is the best mystery/action/suspense writer of the 2oth and of (so far) the 21st century. I had not heard she had been ill, though I suspected it from the fact I had not found any more books and the 5th one I read was a bit sketchier in style than her previous novels. God bless you, Virginia (and Hoss). There are certainly not enough (or any) like you.

Fran Hinkel - 07:26am Oct 23, 2004 PST(#22 of 23)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Sadly, Virginia Lanier passed away on October 27, 2003

karen morden - 07:47am Dec 1, 2009 PST(#23 of 23)

My father recently passed and i came in possession of Mrs laniers books. When I seen that it was abotu dogs I thought "what the heck I'll give it a try", see it's hard for me to find a book that can keep me interested. Well I started reading it and couldn't put it down!! The next day I went to the library to see if they had any of the other books she wrote. I grabbed the 3 they had and in 4 days had finished them and wanted more!! I wish their were more authors like her!! I have tried several other authors but could never get past 1 or 2 chapters before setting it down and never returning to it.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors J - L  / Lanier, Virginia

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