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The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Secret of Shadow Ranch
The Secret of Shadow Ranch
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The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Play as Nancy Drew in this interactive mystery-adventure game. 20+ hours of thrilling game play; interview suspects. New puzzles tie directly to the storyline and give important clues.

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Black Kat - 12:22pm Jul 23, 2010 PST(#12017 of 12030)

I got the blanket chest opened and got the watch and a paper for the pictgrifs or wahtever there called. I got the ones down on the bottom and need a rope. I understand that I get the rope the second day at the rach. How do I get to the second day?

pogo - 07:45pm Jul 23, 2010 PST(#12018 of 12030)

Black Kat- You need to complete Tex's quiz to get the rope. I havent played in a while so I cant remember if this is in the first or second day. You need to finish all of your chores CORRECTLY and most importantly, get the fire ready.

Black Kat - 06:00pm Jul 25, 2010 PST(#12019 of 12030)

I have finished Tex's quiz to get my rope. And need to make Tex's bithday cake. I need help with the cake. Ive made the darned thing I dont know how many times and Nancy keeps saying its nansty. Im making it by the recipe Shorty has.

Black Kat - 12:18pm Jul 26, 2010 PST(#12020 of 12030)

Somebody PLAESE HELP with that stinkin birthdat cake? Im doing everything as the recipe says and its not good. I need help NOW.

Shecklerfan#1 - 08:06am Jul 27, 2010 PST(#12021 of 12030)
Go Wildcats!!!

Black Kat- Here is the exact ingredients and measurments you need to make the cake- 2 sticks of butter 2 eggs Put milk in 5 times using 1/3 cup measurment 2 pints of flour 3 teaspoons of baking powder Put sugar in 7 times using 1/3 cup measurment Last add 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract On the juinor level you bake the cake for 45 minutes at medium temperature. I hope this helps.

Black Kat - 12:45pm Jul 27, 2010 PST(#12022 of 12030)

Thank you Shecklerfan#1. I cant figure out how to make the flower

Black Kat - 01:16pm Jul 28, 2010 PST(#12023 of 12030)

Is the flower that I have to make on the cake the Harrison Yellow? I need help.

pogo - 11:41am Jul 30, 2010 PST(#12024 of 12030)

Black Kat- You have to make a tulip on the top of the cake. It will take a while to get it shaped correctly but keep rotating the pieces and you will eventually get it.

Shecklerfan#1 - 11:46am Aug 15, 2010 PST(#12025 of 12030)
Go Wildcats!!!

Your welcome Black Kat glad I could help. And the make the tulip just do like pogo said and keep rotating and trying. It might get frustrating but keep trying. If ya need more help just post a message. :)

clem62400 - 01:58am Mar 4, 2011 PST(#12026 of 12030)

Hello, I'm french and I'm trying to play this game... It's hard ^^, I have a problem with the barrel racing. I always do 10.5 sec :( I click on the barrels but I can't make 9.5 sec. Please help me it's been the 20th time It's getting on my nerves :(

Madie77 - 10:03am Mar 26, 2011 PST(#12027 of 12030)

which way do u turn the little thingys on the chest to open it in secret of shadow ranch

Madie77 - 10:06am Mar 26, 2011 PST(#12028 of 12030)

clem62400 my friend has done it in 7.5 secondsjust try not to topple over the barrels!!!

gleek#1 - 10:35am May 30, 2011 PST(#12029 of 12030)

How do i get half a cup of stuff when i feed the horses?!? If anyone can help please do! thnx.

brandonsgirl - 05:16pm Dec 30, 2013 PST(#12030 of 12030)

hey guys! Does anyone know how to arrange the pieces to make the tulip for the cake on Junior Detective mode? If you can help, I`d appreciateit :) _single lady;)

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10)