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Brett, Simon
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There are two main series written by Simon Brett. The first features Charles Paris, an actor who doubles as a P.I. Paris is endearingly unemployable, but always manages to get his man. The series includes: Sicken And So Die; Corporate Bodies; Situation Tragedy and Not Dead, Only Resting.

The second series features Melita Pargeter, the genteel heroine of Brett's whimsical cozies. The late Mr. Pargeter was considered by his criminal cohorts to be a prince among men. So, when Mrs. Pargeter is on the case, she is aided by this bunch of shady do-gooders. Titles include: Mrs. Pargeters' Plot; Mrs. Pargeter's Pound of Flesh and Mrs. Pargeter's Package.

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lilM - 11:34am Jun 16, 2000 PST(#11 of 22)

Has anyone read "Body on the Beach?"

Mem Lee - 04:04pm Jun 19, 2000 PST(#12 of 22)

Has anyone read CHRISTMAS CRIMES AT PUZZEL MANOR by Simon Brett? At the end of each chapter the reader solves a puzzle. At the end of the book there is a big puzzle which you must solve in order to find out "who done it." You guessed it. I can't solve the big puzzle, nor can the people at the library. Any help will be appreciated.

Suzy S - 06:10am Dec 5, 2000 PST(#13 of 22)


I just finished reading the above and I can't solve the puzzle at the end that reveals the killer's identity. I'm hopeless at puzzles and I can't believe they don't give the answer. If you know whodunit and can help, please email me and let me know. I'd be forever grateful!! Thanks.

Christi M - 10:34am Dec 9, 2000 PST(#14 of 22)

Gee whiz. I've read that book, and I don't remember having that problem. Now, I'll have to get it and read it again.

Christi M - 07:17am Jan 10, 2001 PST(#15 of 22)

I am currently reading Mrs. Pargeter's Point of Honor.

Christi M - 11:59am Jan 20, 2001 PST(#16 of 22)

Mem Lee and Suzy S--if you're still interested in Puzzel Manor, I'm in process of re-reading it. I'll post an answer here and well as try to email you.

phyllgriffiths - 10:27am Jan 21, 2001 PST(#17 of 22)

Puzzel Manor - final puzzle - solution:-

Insert all the words from the message below the crossword grid, accross only, and start with the 9-letter word, the 8-letter word and the 6-letter word.

The vertical 'words' are gibberish except for the central vertical line which gives the name of the murderer.

If you need further explanation e-mail me direct, I don't want to spoil the fun.

Christi M - 06:13am Jan 23, 2001 PST(#18 of 22)

  • ***********SPOILER BELOW******************

    I don't think this disussion will spoil anything since this board is so infrequently used, and both of the previous questions involved this book.

    I just finished the book the other night and didn't have any problem filling in the puzzel, as long as I used the clues given by Trudy. But I don't think the ending was very satisfying. Trudy saw Maria at breakfast after Honeycutt had left the manor. Did she just not know that Honeycutt had left? Who shot Honeycutt & how? Or was that bluff too? And what happened to the body in the ice house?

    This is the 3rd time I've read Puzzel Manor, and I really enjoy the book, except for the ending. And I guess that's the reason and I can keep reading it, because I never remember whodunnit.

  • Christi M - 11:02am Jan 24, 2001 PST(#19 of 22)

    This is very odd. I posted a message that doesn't show up unless you click recent. I'm hoping that by posting this message, it will show up.

    Christi M - 06:54am Feb 9, 2001 PST(#20 of 22)

    DEAD ROOM FARCE--I just finished this book. It's one of Brett's newer Charles Paris books, and I was a little disappointed. Apparently Brett feels he must go with the times as far as sex in books go. I've read a few of the Charles Paris books, but I don't remember them being so sprinkled with mentions of sex in the same manner as this book. I'll stick to the Mrs. Pargater books.

    DUANE ESALA - 02:28am Dec 26, 2001 PST(#21 of 22)

    I'm glad to see someone else read "Body on the Beach". Brett has two books in the so-called "Fethering Mystery Series". This is the first I've read of his work and I like it alot. (Brett should be listed under "Cozies" for this series).

    DUANE ESALA - 10:24pm Aug 4, 2002 PST(#22 of 22)

    Brett's new "Fethering Mystery" will be out in 2 days (8/06). Its called "The Torso In Town".

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     [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B  / Brett, Simon

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