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Bishop, Claudia

Claudia Bishop Books

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Claudia Bishop's series is set in Hemlock Falls, NY in an inn run by the Quilliam sisters, Meg and Sarah. Her delightful titles feature the whimsical names of A Dash of Death, Murder Well-Done, A Pinch of Poison, A Taste for Murder and Death Dines Out. Share your thoughts on this author's work.

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B Serrrian - 05:24am Jul 31, 1998 PST(#11 of 21)

I just finished A Dash of Death.. Liked it better than A Taste of Murder. I started A Pinch of Poison. It seems interesting so far.....but I didnt realize Quill and Myles break up!!! I'm starting to really enjoy this series.... I'm glad I bought all of them from the beginning!!!

Janet Martin - 04:33pm Aug 1, 1998 PST(#12 of 21)

B. No letting the cat out of the bag!!!! Glad you're enjoying the series. I still need to get the most recent book though.

Nancy Houlding - 07:09pm Aug 11, 1998 PST(#13 of 21)

I love these books. I would love to see a book where Diane Mott Davidson's Goldy comes to Hemlock Falls to see Jullian. Jullian is working with Meg in the Inn's kitchen. Together Quill, Meg and Goldy could cook up a storm and solve a great mystery! What do you think?

B. Serrian - 02:09pm Aug 15, 1998 PST(#14 of 21)

Nancy sound great!!! I have finished A Pinch of Poison. There are some great surprises!!! Murder Well-Done is what I'm reading now. I really like this series!!!

Carol Diemer - 08:24am Nov 18, 1998 PST(#15 of 21)
My three special angels.....

After listening to everyone talk about this series, I decided to try it. I just finished reading A DASH OF DEATH and I'm hooked. I was at Borders and they only had three of CB's novels. I started reading from, what I thought was, the beginning of the series only to discover A TASTE FOR MURDER came first.

I love Hemlock Falls, Quill and Meg. The town and all of its goings on are a riot. I am in the middle of MURDER WELL DONE and then have A TOUCH OF THE GRAPE. Although, I think I will make a trip to my half-price mystery shop for the earlier episodes. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR RAVE REVIEWS. I've now added new characters to my mystery family. Carol

Marlene Lowen - 09:18am Mar 24, 1999 PST(#16 of 21)

I'm interested in reading her books in order...can anyone give me the exact order? Thanks!

I heard there are two series?

I was told to read the Hemlock Falls series. What's the other series like? And which is better? I like Female Amatuer Sleuths and am a big fan of Sue Grafton, Jill Churchill and Diane Mott Davidson, amongst some others. I'm not fond of Mary Higgins Clarke though. I'm readind a first time author now and love her first book...."Never Buried" by Edie Claire. The characters are fresh and alive. A fun light read.

SpookyBookChick - 06:53am May 20, 1999 PST(#17 of 21)

I recently picked up "A Dash of Death" and "A Pinch of Poison" at the bookstore, because I read the back of the books and learned that the protagonists were two sisters who run an inn. I thought that was great, and I couldn't wait. I finished "A Dash of Death" and liked it, though I would like to see more of an introductory thing done with each book, as the story seemed to just pick up from a prior one. I know it's a series, but I like it when series writers repeat themselves a little bit with every new book, so that new readers can get a good feel for the characters' history, past adventures, etc. Still, I did enjoy it immensely, and am looking forward to reading more.

claudia bishop - 08:03am Jun 2, 1999 PST(#18 of 21)

hi, guys! i just discovered this site, and I'm so glad to know that you enjoy Meg and Quill. i have a new hemlock falls novel out next week called "a Steak In Murder". I'm just finishing up the new one for next year called "Murder Marinade". Let me know what you think! Claudia Bishop

Keri. Kegley - 10:48am Jun 2, 1999 PST(#19 of 21)

Very cool that Claudia Bishop visited our chat!

Carol Diemer - 05:53pm Jun 10, 1999 PST(#20 of 21)
My three special angels.....

Claudia, It's great hearing from you and I truly appreciate the opportunity to tell you how much I really enjoy the Meg and Quill series. They are very real, likeable characters and the imagery in your books is wonderful. I feel like I am in upstate New York. I felt like I was walking the through the streets of town. Thank you for the hour or so each day when I can be someplace other than here. It's definitely better than Calgon. Carol

Erika Sorocco - 10:33am Apr 15, 2007 PST(#21 of 21)

Has anyone read Bishop's new series? The first book is The Case of the Roasted Onion. I recently picked it up, but haven't yet had a chance to read it. It will be my first foray into the world of Bishop, and I just thought I'd get everyone else's thoughts regarding this new series. I love the fact that it's all about a veterinarian.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B  / Bishop, Claudia

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