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Connelly, Michael

Michael Connelly Books

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As a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Connelly began writing his first novel to feature LAPD Detective Hieronymus Bosch, The Black Echo. This was followed by three more Bosch books before publishing The Poet, a thriller with a newspaper reporter as protagonist, in 1996. In 1997 he went back to Bosch with Trunk Music and in 1998 another non-series thriller, Blood Work, was published.

Connelly's books have won the Edgar, Anthony, Nero, Maltese Falcon and .38 Caliber awards. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

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Fran Hinkel - 06:00am May 17, 2004 PST(#30 of 40)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

The Narrows, Connelly's tenth Harry Bosch novel, puts his hardboiled L.A. detective on the trail of Robert Backus, the terrifyingly brilliant serial killer who wreaked havoc in The Poet. Bosch joins forces with FBI agent Rachel Walling (back on the case from The Poet) in L.A., Las Vegas and points in between, the chase becomes the most dire and disturbing of his career.

Deon Maritz - 03:46am Jul 21, 2004 PST(#31 of 40)

Could anyone please help me! I have finished all Michael Connelly's books and enjoyed every single one of them. I then started with Jeffrey Deaver. I'm now finished with all his books too! Can anyone please advise me as to which author writes more or less the same as them. Thank you

Atanua- 8^) - 06:22am Dec 6, 2004 PST(#32 of 40)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

I've read several bookes of the Bosch series and I liked them. But more in a "fun to read" way than a "oh, they're great" way.

Now I've finished The Poet and WOW! Fantastic book. Only the end was a bit predicatble. But they way the story was built up made it a great book to read.

Nemesis - 12:44am Dec 7, 2004 PST(#33 of 40)
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Gerd, you thought the ending of the Poet was predictable? I'm curious - have you read Blood Work and if yes what did you think of it?

Atanua- 8^) - 12:56am Dec 7, 2004 PST(#34 of 40)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

It's been a few years since I read any Connelly's, and I don't know the English titles, so I don't know ...

spoiler: It was kinda obvious that someone from the FBI or police had to be involved. And from the moment Jack started to suspect Rachel, you could assume that it wouldn't be her. Her ex was dead by then, so not much choices than Backus.

Nemesis - 01:04am Dec 7, 2004 PST(#35 of 40)
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I can't really remember where was what in the book - it's been quite a few years since I read it. But I do remember the book REALLY drew me in and I couldn't put it down, and I definitely didn't find it predictable at the time..

But then I have read all of the (many many) Agatha Christies, and neved did manage to guess the ending of any one of them, so maybe it's just me :-p lol

Atanua- 8^) - 03:00am Dec 7, 2004 PST(#36 of 40)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!


Again, I loved reading it. I couldn't put the book down either because it was very well written. But I assumed there had to be a twist at the end and this was the one I predicted.

KELLI MAYNARD - 09:06am May 20, 2005 PST(#37 of 40)


The Clueless One - 11:44am Aug 10, 2005 PST(#38 of 40)
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Anyone read The Closers?

Casey Rodriguez - 02:59am Nov 27, 2005 PST(#39 of 40)

Hi, I'm new here, my name is Casey and I am a big fan of Michael Connelly. I have read all his books except for the first one, The Black Echo, and the latest, The Lincoln Lawyer. My favorite among his works remains The Poet. Language is not always Mr. Connelly's greatest strength but the language he used in The Poet was just perfect. It was dark and it was haunting. Among the books on the Harry Bosch series, Lost Light is the best for me. I love the Roy Lindell character, especially on that book. I can't think of a better storyline for him than the one he had on Lost Light.

Casey Rodriguez - 03:20am Nov 27, 2005 PST(#40 of 40)

About The Closers --- I've read it and loved it. My only worry is that Harry Bosch may one day have to really retire due to old age. Perhaps MC can do a prequel of sorts, Harry Bosch during his early days on LAPD. I have been reading MC for eight years now and I have grown to love the Harry Bosch character that I really don't want to see it go away.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors C - D  / Connelly, Michael

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