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Gangraw, Rick: "Secrets in the Ice"

Rick Gangraw Books

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Secrets in the Ice by Rick Gangraw

Published by White Feather Press 2012

Price $15.95 Paperback 264 pages

"After 24 years ... the Lake still remembers." Paul and Lisa have worked very hard to finally, after years of planning, take that long vacation they had dreamed of.

But soon after arriving at the cabin by the frozen lake in Northern Michigan, that dream turns into a nightmare. Hardly do they start enjoying the breath-taking sights and the local preserved, quaint buildings, getting to know the locals that bodies start showing up frozen under the casket like ice. They had looks on their faces of pure horror.

The Nancy Drew/Miss Marple comes out in our chocolate-loving photographer, Lisa, and she becomes hellbent on finding the killer or killers. She and her obliging and devoted husband, Paul, set out to find out for themselves the who, the what and the why of these deaths. What they find puts them in danger, might land them in jail, and yet drives them deeper into the abyss. They are told by the locals of murders that happened in the same spots 24 years ago and this only deepened their determination!

About the Author:
Rick Gangraw is a fairly new fiction writer, has a deep love of the UP, the upper peninsula of Michigan but he lives in Florida with his wife and children. He seems to be a world traveler and sports enthusiast.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Gangraw, Rick: "Secrets in the Ice"

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