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Is there a specific mystery book or author that you're looking for?
Have a question about what's been published, prices, etc.?

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Rhonda Rulo - 12:42pm Feb 15, 2002 PST(#91 of 104)

HI looking for THE INN AT DEATH DOOR the pc game. thanks

Leslie Miller - 02:06pm Jun 7, 2002 PST(#92 of 104)

I am very interested in true crime books. However, I am stationed in Germany and the pickings are incredibly thin here...if I want them in English! If there is anyone who has a collection or a few..whatever...that they are willing to part with, please let me know. Thank you Leslie

Rainie Norrish - 09:23am Jul 27, 2002 PST(#93 of 104)

I am looking for Agatha Christie videos with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple. I have a murder is announced. They must be in Pal format for Australia. I live in West Australia.

Thanks Rainie

Lewis Treadway - 02:59pm Aug 12, 2002 PST(#94 of 104)

I'm Looking for Ideal Toy's Fu Manchu's Hidden Hoard Board Game, released in 1967. Since I plan on playing I would like all the parts.

Harry Lime aka Lewis H Treadway

robert zack - 02:52pm Dec 11, 2002 PST(#95 of 104)

borrowed & read a book. book has since been returned to the library & neither of us can recall the title or the author!!the answers sought by the hero are in the memories of aged jewish men, who are mostly holocaust survivors. the villain is a total sadist. he tortures & kills a woman he has an encounter with just for the pleasure of it. he tortures one of the old men with electricity while he's tied to a steel table. at one point the villain after overpowering the hero leaves him in a coffin in an abandoned bdlg. in n.y.c. with just enough dirt on top of the coffin to give the impression of being buried. if anyone knows the title or suspects who the author might be PLEASE contact me. regards

Ursula Koch - 10:16am Dec 21, 2002 PST(#96 of 104)


Im looking for paperbacks/comic books/tv scripts of the p.i. show "Harry O." If you know a source, please let me know. Thanks for your help! Ursula Koch

Sharron Knutson - 11:17pm Jan 26, 2003 PST(#97 of 104)

I need to know the author of the detective novels who writes about a character named Sheldon Scott. Please email me at with the author's name. Thanks.

Nell Ero - 07:18am Feb 22, 2003 PST(#98 of 104)

Looking for a complete list of the titles in Bantam's "Agatha Christie Mystery Collection" (from the mid-80's, dark blue leatherette with gold stamping.) I'm trying to round out my collection... Great website!

MaxFel - 01:01pm Apr 1, 2003 PST(#99 of 104)

Dear Friends,

I have a list of about 400 title english and american mystery for sale. If you have a want list please send your request to my e-mail

Thank you.

Bye, Max

Dave Webb - 04:02am Jul 2, 2003 PST(#100 of 104)

Looking for a copy of Agatha Christie "Star over Bethlehem" and any videos/DVD's of her movies and/or TV movies/serials. Any serious offers considered and all assistance with above request greatly appreciated.

Aileen Jensen - 10:55pm Aug 30, 2003 PST(#101 of 104)

I am seeking Alfred Hitchcock's "The Three Investigators." Any titles in this series would be welcome. Thanks!

defective detective - 07:56pm Jul 21, 2004 PST(#102 of 104)

I know this is for buying, selling, looking for mystery books, but I was wondering if any1 could tell me about THe Hardy Boys books.

Dik Rondeltap - 04:34am Apr 14, 2005 PST(#103 of 104)

A few years ago I read a mystery-novel about the murder of a brilliant typographer. It had to do with 'jalousie de metier' . Can somebody tell me the title of the book and/or the name of the author?

InShadow - 06:11pm Sep 6, 2006 PST(#104 of 104)

Looking for the following editions of "London Mystery Magzine" Nos 16 - 19 (Feb - Dec 1953)

I know it's a long time ago but I'd be most greatful for your help. Thanks.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Other Mystery Topics  / Collect- Buy- Sell  / Seeking...

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