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Wayne A. Hazle - 01:44pm Sep 6, 2000 PST
Guest User

Does anyone have access to the original words?


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Missy Sweesy - 08:28am Mar 8, 2002 PST(#11 of 18)
Life has a way of finding you, no matter how artistic a sneak you are.---Keeper proverb---Thief: The Dark Project.


1.) I think we all agree here that Agatha Christie had her own writing style, and it really doesn't have a name other than Christie-style.

2.) Yes, they are the same story, just different titles for different countries and times...Niggers is not very politically correct these days.

Missy Sweesy - 02:41pm Apr 21, 2002 PST(#12 of 18)
Life has a way of finding you, no matter how artistic a sneak you are.---Keeper proverb---Thief: The Dark Project.

The Original Version:

mike jones - 10:17am Oct 31, 2000 PST(#13 of 18)
AKA MikeyfromBlighty


The original Ten little Indians (not the version that appears in the book) goes as follows:

TEN LITTLE INDIANS, by Septimus Winner, 1868

Ten little Injuns standin' in a line, One toddled home and then there were nine;

Nine little Injuns swingin' on a gate, One tumbled off and then there were eight.

One little, two little, three little, four little, five little Injuns boys, Six little, seven little, eight little, nine little, ten little Injuns boys.

Eight little Injuns gayest under heav'n, One went to sleep and then there were seven;

Seven little Injuns cutting up their tricks, One broke his neck and then there were six.

Six little Injuns kickin' all alive, One kick'd the bucket and then there were five;

Five little Injuns on a cellar door, One tumbled in and then there were four.

Four little Injuns up on a spree, One he got fuddled and then there were three;

Three little Injuns out in a canoe, One tumbled overboard and then there were two.

Two little Injuns foolin' with a gun, One shot t'other and then there was one;

One little Injuns livin' all alone, He got married and then there were none.

krystle powell - 12:02pm May 3, 2002 PST(#14 of 18)

WHy were the word to ten little indians changes when the the movie and there were none came came out. cause in the movie the word are:

ten little indains sat down to dine one chocked his little seld and then there were nine

nine little indians sayed out late one over slept himself and then there were eight

eight little indians traveling in devon one said hed stay your ther and then their wer seven

seven little indians chooping up some sticks one chopped him self in half and then there were six

Six little indians playing with a hive, bubble bee stung one of them and then there wer five

five little indians toying in the morr one of then got lost and then there were four

four little indiand went out to sea red haerring swoled one and then there were three

Three little indian boys went to the zoo grizzly bear ate one and then there were two

two little indian boys out in the sun one got all shrivled up and then there was one

one little indian boy left all alone he went and hanged him self and then ther were none

So i always though those were the original words

Jan B. - 07:07am May 9, 2002 PST(#15 of 18)

The movie version is similar to the stage play by Agatha Christie. In this play she changed the words to adapt it for stage. The directors(i have only seen the rene clair version) used these words in the movies.

Chris Cotter - 03:27am May 21, 2003 PST(#16 of 18)

I am looking for some information on where "Ten Little Indians " is set. Rumour has it that it was written at a hotel on Burgh Island in devon and set there. Was the Film" and then there was none" actually made at this hotel?

Any help would be much appreciated

DeeGee - 10:41am May 21, 2003 PST(#17 of 18)
A birth certificate shows you were born. A death certificate shows you have died. A photo album shows you have lived.

Chris in the Agatha Christie magazine that is going at the moment with the books it says that the setting for the book is modelled on the Art Deco Hotel on the Burgh Island off the coast of South Devon.. It says that it was also the setting for the film made for the 1941 Poriot "Evil under the Sun" this is probably more to do with filming locations than anything else!?

It says that the island was purchased by Archibald Nettlefold in 1927. Two years late the hotel opened to exclusive 'jet-set' clientele. Agatha Christie stayed there and Nettleeold owned a theatre in which someof Christies plays where staged.

After years of neglect the hotel has been restored to its full splendor (it says) and is discribed as a temple to everything Art deco. with a stylish 1920 c0cktail bar.

Unlike Christies island in "Then there where none" Burgh island is accessible by a causeway at low tide.

Hope this helps.

Susan Webster - 06:27am Sep 14, 2003 PST(#18 of 18)

Does anyone know anything about "the rock paintings of the Hazelpa?" Miss Christie refers to them in her play GO BACK FOR MURDER. I am playing the role of the governess, Miss Williams, and would like to know what I am saying when I speak about them.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Agatha Christie  / Assorted Tidbits and Trivia  / The words to TEN LITTLE INDIANS

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