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Alec Maclachlan - 11:07pm Sep 3, 2005 PST

Mira Short and her butler had been killed in Mira's large victorian-style mansion two days ago. They had both been shot, Mira through the chest, straight at her heart which suggested that the killer had been near to point blanc range, but the butler had been shot to on the left side of his stomach. There were only three suspects: John Handolf, Mira's cousin and only relative, Markus Stolch, her divorced husband, and Frederick Oalef, her close friend. As Jack arrived at the scene he stopped to look at the beautiful garden out the front. His assistant, Roger, stood beside him but looked at the policewoman walking past instead. Just then, a man came rushing down the path towards them. "What's happened?" The man asked, tapping Jack on the shoulder. "Ah, you must be John Handolf." Jack said, turning. "Yes, that's who I am. What's going on?" He said, nodding towards his cousins mansion. "I'm afraid that your cousin, Mira, is dead." Jack felt something was wrong with John Handolf. Maybe it was the way he carried himself. No, it was something else. It was in his eyes. "What?!" John stuttered, his pale blue eyes growing wide. "When did they die?" "We think around 8 to 10pm. She was shot." Jack said. His assistant was still watching the policewoman, so he gently elbowed him to get his attention. "Oh good god," John said, rubbing his face with his hands and whimpering. "Just a routine question, Mr Handolf. Where were you last night around 8 to 10pm?" "I... I was at home..." He muttered, tears starting to stroll down his face. They were fake. Jack could tell. "Any witnesses?" Jack asked, his deep voice rumbling. "No." "Of course not, how could there have been? You were not at home. You were out killing your cousin and her butler, weren't you?" Jack growled. How did Jack Jarvis know John Handolf was the killer? Answer coming in a few days. Send me an email if you want with your answer, If I haven't posted my answer up yet. My email is

Alec Maclachlan - 11:53pm Sep 3, 2005 PST(#1 of 1)

Okay. The answer to this mystery is: The first and only clue was that when Jack said "You cousin, Mira, is dead."

John Handolf replied "When did they die?"

Notice the use of plural, meaning that John knew more than people than his sister was dead?

Also, I'd just like to add in that I wrote that mystery in fifteen minutes and thought it up in five.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Mysteries By Members  / Short Mysteries  / JACK JARVIS MYSTERIES no.1

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