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scorpio murder case by chord0
March 28,2008

Detective Holmes had been named in charge of investigating a series of murders that have been occurring at the capital city of Guyana, formerly British Guiana, that is Georgetown. The common factors about these murders were that the victims were all traveling salesmen in the new industry of exporting gold, that they were staying at the local hotels and that they were killed by the poison of scorpions mysteriously introduced in their beds while sleeping. Georgetown is a city of contrasts, mansions exist next to slums, there is an utter absence of a middle class, as well as a stark and forever prevalent reality of hunger, especially among the very young. With such poverty is understandable that the serial killer in question was in need of money and that his prime motive was the gold that the said salesmen were carrying in their luggage. The poorest country in South America and perhaps in the world was a place where crime was rampant. Gold deposits had been discovered in the 1880s along with diamonds, some of the salesmen were also carrying them; so our killer was definitely out to make a fortune, or maybe he was just trying to survive. “Now, let us not get too emotional!” said Detective Jones, Holmes’s chief. “After all, you are a Scorpio, and a good detective with a practical mind like all Scorpios have.” “Well then, I should have no trouble figuring out this case and apprehending this murderer. It should only take me a couple of days at most.” reiterated Holmes. After this short meeting with his boss, Holmes decided to start his investigation immediately. Perhaps a good start would be to question everyone that worked at these hotels, especially those people that found the bodies. There were five victims in two hotels, and a motive, but no description as of yet of this killer. Of course, we knew that the man had to be black, since 90% of the population is black and speak with a pronounced British accent. There are a number of African dialects in the country but they are rare in the capital. Detective Holmes went to the Grand National Hotel where 3 of the victims had been found. A maid found all 3 bodies in different rooms, 2 of them were Europeans, one French and the other British, and the 3rd was a local. The Detective questioned the maid about the rooms where the bodies were found; they were all adjacent to a garden with a swamp where a lot of scorpions were abundant. They had huge windows, next to the gardens, which were left open because of extreme heat during their sleep at afternoon naps. The remaining 2 victims had been at the Georgetown Plantation Hotel, which was located next to a Zoo, which also had a swamp. Again, the windows of the 2 rooms were next to a swamp. He questioned the maid and some of the people that worked there. Because it was late he decided to check in the room for the night. That night he woke up very late. He felt down because there was something on the floor. It was very dark, he tried to get up, the light switch did not work, and there was no electricity. He then, remembered that he had bought some matches with the cigars at the hotel store before going to bed, he took some matches from the desk drawer and… he could hardly believe his eyes. The body of another man, bloody and probably dead was laying right next to his bed on the floor, he had closed the windows earlier, so the scorpions could not get in, apparently the man had been killed by a gun. His identification read he was a British business man, the Detective found his gun and noticed it had been used recently, strange he did not remember hearing any gun shots in his room, nor shooting anyone himself earlier. He left the gun in the room, found his own policeman identification and decided to investigate this assassination himself. He lit up a candle in his room, and went downstairs to the lobby, since the elevators were not working. There was only one man in the hotel’s uniform working there; it must have been very late, perhaps 2:00 in the morning. The Detective showed his identification as a policeman, and asked him: “Did I have any visitors to my room last night?” The man answered: “No sir, I do not recall, but you had been talking to a British in the library, before going up to your room. Perhaps you should wait there for a minute, there is no electricity in the hotel at present.” He went to the back room and called the police himself after he closed the door, so that Detective Holmes could not listen to the conversation. The police arrived 5 minutes later and apprehended Detective Holmes. He was still drenched with blood with the candle in his hand when they arrived. A cursory investigation of his room was done and his fingerprints were found all over the body and his gun. The Detective was questioned thoroughly, he did not remember been at the library or anything else that had happened after that during that evening. A psychiatrist was then called in, during hypnosis the pe

Fran Hinkel - 03:08am Aug 8, 2008 PST(#1 of 1)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

You might want to finish your story in a new post, or series of posts if it is long. I would also recommend using paragraphs to make reading easier.

At the beginning of a paragraph, put a P between these <> and to end it, put /P between <>.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Mysteries By Members  / Short Mysteries  / scorpio murder case by chord0

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