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"Dear Julie" by Dallas Fletcher

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Katarina Rundgren - 11:42pm Aug 19, 1998 PST(#14 of 21)
A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet


I really liked your story. It had a great "flow" to it and I just HAD to keep reading.

That and characters that attracts your attention or even your liking is what I look for in a book.

And I never look for inconsistencies, I think they are part of poetic freedom.

If I was going to give a suggestion it would be to not have the introduction about the letters being found, but just letting us read them as specially initiated. Don't know if that made sense, but I don't think it has to be believable that we get to read the letters. I mean in most books we get to read what people think.

Fran and others,

My interpretation was that Jill (the sister) had put the reverend up to collecting money for Julie so that she would have money for her getaway.

Rachel Cruz - 07:40pm Oct 8, 1998 PST(#15 of 21)

jes wanted to say that this story was ok. it had its good parts n bad parts. that's all

ambika notsonew - 02:14am Oct 15, 1998 PST(#16 of 21)

This story was real good. Like Kat I also had to keep on reading. But I felt like there was something missing. Reading the earlier posts makes it clear but you know it was like somebody had interrupted in the middle of the story.

In my honest opinion the story would have had more twist if somehow something had happend to Julie eventually, like the beginning suggested. All the while I thought that the letters had been found somewhere Julie had stayed prior to her death or accident or even kidnapping.

I don't mean to be too critical and say that the story wasn't good. I believe it was REALLY good. I also disagree with about the dates. It certainly would have given too much away. Without dates a letter, unlike a diary, looks too formal and not open and honest like the you wrote.

Please feel free to contradict me. And the Story was just too good.

Spooky Lady - 04:04am Nov 25, 1998 PST(#17 of 21)
I have a cold.

I enjoyed the story. I thought the idea was original. The only point is, as mentioned by others, I don't really understand why Julie dissapeared. Was it just to get away from her insensitive parents and grandma's cookies? I think I kind of understand what you were trying to get at and you were very brave to put out a first draft for everyone to see. Most people would not be able to do that through fear of too much critiscism, however constructive.

I think you write very well, I did a similar story when I was at secondary school (age 12). It was a series of postcards from a girl who had gone abroad to work. Each postcard said something different, ie she told her parents she was having a great time, told her sister it was terrible, told her boyfriend she was missing him, told her friend she had met someone else etc etc. Wasn't very good, can't even remember the point of it now, but I got an A for it - perhaps the teacher was asleep when she read it!!

I think the different formats of letters are great. I, too, would be interested to read the final version of this story.

Sarah Elizabeth - 01:45pm Jun 28, 1999 PST(#18 of 21)

I think the story would be just tantalizing if it turned out that Jill had killed Julie, poisoning Grandma's cookies and subtly nudging her towards depression with underhanded comments about Brian and her parents.

Eclipse - 10:18am Aug 29, 1999 PST(#19 of 21)
The hasty stroke goes oft astray-J.R.R.Tolkien

I think it was well done. However I do think that there should have been dates on the letters,btw reading them made me feel strange..well done. It would give it a sense of time, how long she was at college and then disappeared. I read the posts and found I wasn't the only one wondering how the last letter was found, since it was after Julie's disappearence. One other inconsistency; how would Julie be able to keep writing letters to Jill,, wouldn't their parents see them in the mail? Or are their parents too busy, and the kids get the mail? Or does Jill have a P.O. Box or something?

Unlike some, I think the introduction about the disappearence and that the letters solved it was good for the story. Without it the reader would not know what to look for, you would be setting them out into an unknown.

And perhaps the reason Julie disappeared was because she was failing school? And did not want to go home, for fear of what her parents, reverand, would say? And as I read in the posts some didn't know or agree with them raising money to send, however I think it was good and that Jill had set them up to it.

Good job on the story, especially for one sitting. I look forward to reading more

JonMarc - 06:20am Dec 13, 2004 PST(#20 of 21)

Great story! I loved the format. The ltters made it just seem so personal. For the people who don't know hy Julie left, I think it was just to get away from life. Reading the letters made it seem like her life was crap in college, and it sounded like home life wasn't much better (the parents). So she just decided to call it quits and start over again. At least thats my opinion lol.

Lady Vamp I R - 06:33pm Oct 6, 2007 PST(#21 of 21)

the bloody sweatshirt was my favorite part.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Mysteries By Members  / Short Mysteries  / "Dear Julie" by Dallas Fletcher

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