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Mr. Patriot, the world’s most clever French detective, and his friend Mr. Castings were at Huckleberry Manor looking at a dead woman laying on her bed at her room with her mouth widely open. “How did she die?” Patriot asked to the doctor who is examining the body.

“Probably poisoning” answered the doctor. “I believe that she died two hours ago, and poisoned twelve hours before her death”.

“So you say that the murder took place fourteen hours ago, which is five o’clock p.m. The tea time!” said Patriot.

The doctor approved: “Exactly. You, Belgians are good at mathematics!”

“I am not Belgian, I am French” said Patriot and looked inside the mouth of the victim. “There are a lot of amalgam fillings on her teeth. I think she didn’t brush her teeth much”. The doctor and Castings looked at Patriot astonished.

Patriot looks around. On the commode, there were some pills, and glasses of the dead woman. “This one is for diabetics and this is for sleeping” explained the doctor. Then she looked into the trash can. There are some old bills torn out (they were all paid), a broken thermometer and a diet program cut from a newspaper.

Then Patriot and Castings went to the living room that three people were sitting silently. A middle-aged man and two young girls. First, Patriot examined the table at the living room carefully. There was an empty thermos and four large cups of coffee- three of them were empty, but one of them was half full and a folded newspaper. Patriot told the two young girls to go out. They did.

“Mr. Clarke, you were Mrs. Clarke’s son, weren’t you?”

“Yes, and the girls you saw were my daughters, Christine and Justine. We were living with my mom in this house for six years. I am a pharmacist.”

“I see. Please tell me what happened at the tea time.”

“At four fifty, Christine was in the kitchen preparing the coffee. Me, mom and Justine were sitting in the living room waiting for coffee. Justine grew impatient and went to the kitchen to look for her sister. Five minutes later, Justine brought the coffee in. Then mom sent Justine to her room to fetch her pullover. It was very windy outside. And the house was cold. Thirty seconds later, Christine came and told me that she had a terrible headache. I told her that the painkiller pills are at Justine’s room. She left the room to get the pills. When she and Christine returned together, I brought the cups. Mom looked at her cup and yelled ‘Disgusting! There is a dead insect in my cup’. Mom went to the kitchen and returned with a wet cup on her hand. I think she washed it.”

“When Justine and Christine were not in the living room, did you stay alone with your mother?”

“Yes, she was reading a newspaper deeply, she didn’t talk with me.” answered Chris Clarke.

“Oh, by the way, Mr. Clarke. Did you drink all of your coffee?”

“No, I didn’t sir. I, mistakenly, put so much sugar on it.”

“Why didn’t you take a new cup of coffee?”

“It was impossible, sir. The coffee in the thermos was for four people exactly. My mom took the last cup”.

“Ok! Thank you very much! Now I can talk with Christine and Justine.”

Christine and Justine entered the room anxiously. Patriot looked at the girls with admiration. ”They are very beautiful”, he thought.

“So, you must be Christine. Can you please tell me what did you do at the tea time?”

“I was in the kitchen, preparing the coffee. Justine came to the kitchen and asked if the coffee is prepared. I told her it is prepared and she took the coffee to the living room. I sweep the counter and went to the living room to ask dad where the painkillers are. First I went to my room to fetch my pullover. Then I went to Justine’s room to look for the pills. Two or three minutes later, Justine came to her room to fetch her pullover. I asked her where the pills are. She gave me one, and then we get downstairs together.”

“Ok! I know the rest!” said Patriot.

Then Patriot turns to Justine. “So, first you brought the coffee from the kitchen, then went to your grandmother’s room on the second floor to get her pullover and finally to your room on the first floor to get your pullover. There you met Christine.”

“Exactly, sir.” said Justine.

“Then tell me, what happened after you all drank your coffee.”

“My grandma told us that she needs to sleep and goes to her room. We stayed at the living room, and discussed what I can do after graduating from the university. Then we all together ate the dinner in the kitchen, then played cards”

“At night, I woke up grandma shouting at her room on the second floor. ‘You are all poisoning me’. She locked her room. We couldn’t get in to help her. ‘Get away from me. You are all trying to kill me’. She

montezuma - 03:52am Oct 15, 2003 PST(#1 of 7)
A Shadow in the Dark


She was shouting like that. She was very ill and vomiting. We called the doctor, but it was too late”

“Ok, I see!”

“What are your jobs?”

“I am dentist” said Christine.

“I am a student at the university. This year, I’ll graduate from department of Chemistry.” said Justine.

“Ok! You may go!”

Justine and Christine get out. Patriot turns to Castings: “Yes, mon ami, what do you think?”

“I am getting mad about this. Everybody drank from the same thermos, but only one of them is poisoned. Also if we assume that the poison is put into the cup of Mrs. Clarke, she washed her cup herself.”

“Use your gray cells, mon ami. I know the person who done it and how!”

montezuma - 04:04am Oct 15, 2003 PST(#2 of 7)
A Shadow in the Dark

Who killed Mrs.Clarke and how?

I am new to this site. So I want to learn your ideas about my story.

Also English is not my first language so sorry for possible grammatical errors!

Anthony William Durrant - 07:35am Oct 17, 2003 PST(#3 of 7)

It was Christine. She had filled her grandmother's tooth earlier in the day with curare and then covered that over with a gelatin filling; later, when she drank her tea, the gelatin filling melted off and the poison flowed into her system from the filled tooth.

Brittany North - 06:54pm Jun 11, 2004 PST(#4 of 7)

I agree

Sniperjrd - 04:55pm Oct 13, 2004 PST(#5 of 7)

thats is the most reasonable answer!

Postcog - 11:09am Jun 16, 2005 PST(#6 of 7)

I thought Mrs. Clarke never touched her coffee? She made her complaint about the bug in front of all three suspects so Mr. Clarke can't be lying about that.

Coffee wasn't the only thing that Mrs. Clarke ingested around tea time. There are also her sleeping pills which she could have used when she took her nap. The only person who had the opportunity to lace them unseen was Justine when she fetched her grandmother's sweater. If Justine didn't bring her own poison, she could have just laced them with the mercury found in the once working thermometer found in the trash can.

Rose Rosy - 03:42am Dec 15, 2005 PST(#7 of 7)
Jump! Then grow wings on the way down.

well, the bug was in the empty cup, she washed it and then filled
it with coffee which means while she was away
someone put poison in the last portion left in the thermos
by the way isn't there a solution somewhere???

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