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Created by Stevie B

In this puzzle, the host is a smuggler trying to get several related items past customs officers by posting a short dialogue in which the items are hidden. The smuggled items, up to a maximum of 10, all belong to a single category (wines, cheeses, paintings, countries, actors, etc. -- endless possibilities!) and players try to uncover the items and identify the category.

Hosts may decide to use colors to distinguish one speaker in a dialogue from another but certainly don't have to. Please indicate the number of smuggled items in parentheses at the end of the dialogue. Hosts don't have to indicate what group of items they are smuggling to begin with - this could be used as a clue later on if people are struggling to solve the puzzle. The first player to complete the solution (either by finding the last smuggled item or identifying the category, whichever is the final bit solved) wins the next turn.

The items may be hidden in any of these ways:
a) Phonetically (like the P&S Ear Ring is Bee Leaving)
e.g. Can a duck enter without a passport? = Canada
b) Concealed within the text across words (forwards or backwards)
e.g. This pan I elected to use myself = spaniel
Luciano's seldom late to rehearsal. = lesson
c) As an anagram
e.g. Hello, I'm Anne Creyson = Sean Connery
Note: These should be hidden within complete word(s), with all letters used in the anagram. For example: AIR CHARM = ARMCHAIR would be acceptable, but GAME INto = ENIGMA would not, as the letters "to" are left over.
d) As an acronym
e.g. Do I have to prize open the suitcase? = pots
e) In plain sight

Hosts may use any of the above methods to hide their smuggled items but may not combine methods to hide a single item. In other words, you cannot say something like: "Klof is an anagram of Folk, which sounds like "Cloth".

All the usual P&S guidelines apply. These Tips and Resources can help you to create a new puzzle. If you have questions regarding hosting and posting, check out the FAQ. Have fun!

Current Smuggle

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Lupin - 07:28pm Jun 6, 2014 PST(#6077 of 6083)

Eeva -
try AOL=taylor? Yes. However, the advice is good. Now that Google is the search engine, links are more precise. Last night I searched “” instead of “” The first website was “” I entered and it was a an online RPG. I found myself in a large dungeon surrounded by a real dragon, an elf, two deities and several witches. I did not know what to do, so I pressed ALT- F4 to exit but my screen went blank. Had to restart three times. Then I realized I had smuggled yet another prez.

This has got to stop. Please find the remaining smuggler, please.

White Tornado -
Thank you for rewigging, my friend.

Eeva - 03:12pm Jun 13, 2014 PST(#6078 of 6083)

Ack, can't find but Gore in, but he was vice, not prez... must try harder

Lupin - 09:14pm Jun 13, 2014 PST(#6079 of 6083)

Eeva -
Ack, can't find but Gore in, but he was vice, not prez... must try harder No, the president’s name is actually hidden inside the dungeon.

Al Gore, yes, vice-president of the US. There are so many jokes about his quotes. Contrary to popular belief, he did not say he invented the internet. What he actually said was "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." What Al Gore did was sponsor legislation that made the adoption and creation of the internet substantially easier. By the way, .org domains do not indicate organization websites. It was AL Gore’s idea, but he mixed up his last name.

And there goes my last smuggled prez ... I must quit smuggling ...

Hint: the remaining one is in the first paragraph.

Lupin - 05:28pm Jun 23, 2014 PST(#6080 of 6083)

       .-'&    '-.    
      /           \    
     :   o    o    ;    
    (      (_       )    
     :             ;    
      \    __     /    
        /    ,  \    
       /|/\/\/\ _\     
       __)_ |_ (__    

It's me, isn't it? BB/BO? Can I offer you a hint? The missing prez is in the first paragraph. Maybe a bribe to keep on playing? Ok, here's my nickel ... and new prez has just been smuggled ...

Eeva - 07:23am Jun 27, 2014 PST(#6081 of 6083)

Aha! "real dragon, an"=Ronald Reagan

I was searching for surnames only.

Eileen Parascandola - 05:40am Nov 14, 2016 PST(#6082 of 6083)

Meanwhile, in the future; Is anyone alive in here? Did I just hear an echo from 2+ years ago? This sounds like a great game. Where are the originators and experts that used to play? I barely know how to play the game,so I can't create one. You're still needed here.

Lupin - 06:29pm Dec 27, 2016 PST(#6083 of 6083)

             |_   _|   
            (o) (o)                              

At last! A real person!! It's been a long time. Be my guest - read the instructions and try to de-smuggle a few more president's names. I'm still here.

Now think about this: Why do Americans choose from just two persons every four years to be their president and fifty every year for Miss America?

Oh! Welcome to MN and the riddles

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