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Smith, April: "White Shotgun"

April Smith Books

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"White Shotgun"
by April Smith
an Ana Grey Novel

Published by Alfred A. Knopf New York
June 2011 pp. 352
Price $24.95

WOW!!! What a great book to get to review. First it is by my new favorite writer April Smith. Second it is a new adventure with my favorite Special Agent Ana Grey. Third it is set in the romantic world of old Italy!! I am so in love with Smith's colorful and mesmerizing style of writing that each novel has been like I was taken along on Grey's assignments. I was not disappointed with her newest book just out!!

Smith, as all my favorite writers do, has a unique way of titling her books. I am always eager to see how the title ties in precisely with the plot. I had never heard of "White Shotgun" so I was thrilled when she finally revealed it to me. Smith has outdone herself with her latest quest she has Ana Grey challenged with this time. If you have read any of this series you know that Ana had a complicated but strict upbringing and thus, she comes by her tenacious personality naturally. Ana was abandoned by her father, a handsome but troubled man from El Salvador, and to further mold the hardness and fierceness into her personality, her Mother dies leaving her to be raised by her distant but very involved non-emotional Grandfather, who had a very hard time accepting Ana's mixed blood as he refers to her. All of this shapes Ana Grey into one of the best in the FBI. Her life takes a surprising twist when she is contacted by a woman who claims to know her and has been holding an inheritance from her Father. She must travel to Italy to meet with an amazing woman who looks strikingly like herself, only to discover that they are half sisters. Ana hopes to learn more of her father and his life and yearns for that bond of family that she has been denied. BUT Ana barely adjusts to this news when she and her sister and her sister's family are thrown into a tempest of torture, kidnapping, Mafia families, murder and more twisted intrigue than you can imagine!

I warn you now that this book paints such a vivid picture of old world Italy set among the olive groves and vineyards that you will be tempted to indulge in Italian dishes and sip a delicious glass of wine. Unfortunately I had to settle for a jar of warm marinara sauce and crusty frozen garlic bread and I finished that off with a wineglass of grape cranberry juice BUT April's writing skills bring the Italian countryside so alive for you that it doesn't matter how meager the snacks and drinks it works!

In this adventure, Ana is joined by her very troubled lover, Sterling, who is struggling with symptoms like PTSD but she has to focus on saving her new family after disaster hits their wealthy and well-established elite world. Her nephew, who is targeted and tortured, her sister is kidnapped and might be dead and to make matters worse Ana begins to find dark and disturbing information about her sister's mysterious husband. Ana is on her own due to being here on vacation and not able to use the full force of her FBI standing. Even worse, Smith herself dips into the dark repulsive side of the Mafia by introducing us to not just one but TWO of the most terrifying and disturbing villains since Hannibal Lecter... the Puppet gave me nightmares and the Chef makes my skin crawl. I hope to see Smith bring in more of these abnormal characters.

All in all, I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars! Go get you some Italian food and buy a bottle of wine ... then lock the doors turn off all electronics and take a journey to Italy that you won't soon forget! Beware the Puppet and run from the Chef!

About the Author"
April Smith is fast becoming a consistent Best Seller! This very talented writer has already won an Emmy and is sure to continue on to win many more awards. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband of over 30 years, a psychotherapist, her two grown children and her cherished dog and cat. She meekly adds "I write and produce dramatic TV shows as well as writing books. Iíve been nominated for an Emmy award three times, a Writerís Guild Award twice, and by 2011 will have published five novels."

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Smith, April: "White Shotgun"

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