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Knife, Revolver, Blunt Instrument, or Poison
I'm writing a second book and I've got lots of ideas but, I need help. I can't decied on a murder weapon. My favorite weapon is poison but, I can't choose what kind of pioson: arsnic, strychnine, snake venom? I need help. If anyone has any ideas, please put them in this discussion or send them to me.

Emily or Em

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Leah_Young - 11:33am Jul 4, 2000 PST(#90 of 100)
"I have something to say: It's better to burn out, than fade away!"

Hey, i'm working on a novel in which a woman blackmails someone she knows into killing her hubby. The woman wants the murder to look like anything but a murder (accident, suicide, surprising an intruder, etc.)

Any ideas?


James E. Petts - 02:04pm Aug 4, 2000 PST(#91 of 100)

Aha... ideas as to "accidental" death, eh? Well, one idea that was suggested to me by someone once was to kill the victim with an injection of adrenalyne, therby giving the vicim a heart attack.

This would work especially if the victim had a weak heart. Where to find intravenus adrenalyne? Well, those who suffer potentially fatal allergies carry with then syringes of adrenalyne to counter any anaphalactic shock which they might encounter if accidentally ingesting peanuts (or whatever). Now, obviously the dose would have to be higher, but you can get the general idea.

Juanita Rose Violini - 11:00pm Aug 7, 2000 PST(#92 of 100)

Perhaps the victim has a hobby or career that you could interfer with and cause their demise due to faulty equipment or ignoring safty regulations

Angela Jones - 11:38am Sep 7, 2000 PST(#93 of 100)


I am new around here.

I like bionary poisons myself. There is one combination of one poison (I forget which) when the victim drinks alcohol, with in minutes he/she dies, with all indications of a brain himerage. Just a thought.


PoisonGuy - 03:39am Nov 14, 2000 PST(#94 of 100)
I got my Nemesis pregnant!

Angela, there are more fictitious or 'old wives tale' binary poisons than there are in real life. These are actually very limited.

The only one I can think off the top of my head that could fit your scenario is a drug that contains disulfiram or has a disulfiram moeity...and even then there has only been very few deaths reported. Other drugs react with alcohol but not that quickly.

Binary scenarios are quite interesting nonetheless. :-)

Christy V. - 11:40am Jan 20, 2002 PST(#95 of 100)

I was doing research recently and discovered the strychnine can be absorbed through the eyes. So I want to kill off my victim by putting the strychnine in eye drops or saline or something... the only problem i am having is where to get strychnine without my murderer raising all sorts of red flags. Any ideas?

PoisonGuy - 02:13am Oct 31, 2002 PST(#96 of 100)
I got my Nemesis pregnant!

Novel idea Christy, but I don't think toxicologists or medical people would buy into it. Maybe you can find a way.

The problem is that you need a certain amount of strychnine to be toxic. And since strychnine does not accumulate significantly in the body, the victim would have to get a toxic dose in one exposure. I can't conceive of a toxic amount being absorbed ocularly to result in the effect you desire.

Strychnine used to be an ingredient in old rat poisons, many years ago. Some may still be available in someone’s broken down barn. Also, other third world countries still use it. Maybe you can ask one of the religious freaks that play with snakes and supposedly gulp down strychnine where they get theirs!

Good luck.

George Papakosmas - 03:51am May 16, 2003 PST(#97 of 100)

Hey. My name's George, I'm sixteen years old and want to complete a novel about a young boy who dedicates himself to sleuth. The story is riddled with much fantasy and a little horror, also. Nevertheless, I cannnot seem to decipher the markings of a true inspector (their clothing style, their build, etc.)

Could you help me with any innovative ideas?

Juanita Rose Violini - 12:54pm May 20, 2003 PST(#98 of 100)

true inspectors come in all shapes and styles - i believe it is their incurable curiousity and sense of deduction that makes them stand out

J Pitney - 12:44pm May 24, 2003 PST(#99 of 100)

Hi! I have been toying with the idea of using a poison or medicine in my book. Does anyone know if there are any liquid medicines that can be frozen and when they are absorbed into the blood stream can be fatal?

Josh Gilley - 09:53pm Jun 27, 2003 PST(#100 of 100)

Well I remember from Basic High School chemestry that an enjection of Water would kill some one, I allways thought that was odd and would be intresting to see in a novel.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Elements of a Mystery  / Knife, Revolver, Blunt Instrument, or Poison

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