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Based on a True Story
Discussion on writing mysteries based on true stories.

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Rob Lewis - 05:43pm Nov 11, 1998 PST(#6 of 16)

Sometimes, real life is so bizzare, it's almost not believable. Make sure you make real-life situations have a ring of reality to them. Kind of ironic, I think.

Hugh Drummond - 03:24am Nov 16, 1998 PST(#7 of 16)
" I have a criminal mind... I see bad in everyone," (Mr. J.G. Reeder)

Certainly is. Truth, so they say, is stranger than fiction. And a stranger method of murder can be quite an affliction.


Chantel Dawn Lyngstad - 03:52pm Mar 29, 1999 PST(#8 of 16)
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious(or somthing like that!!)- Albert Einstein

I've always been afraid to write a book based on actual facts because I worried about not getting my facts straight. If any of you have a way to get around that stumbling block, and perhaps turn it into a stepping stone, let me know. CDL

StevenJones - 03:16pm Jun 2, 2000 PST(#9 of 16)

Sometimes fact and fiction can be combined, a la James Cameron's 'Titanic'.

Hugh Drummond - 05:12am Jun 12, 2000 PST(#10 of 16)
" I have a criminal mind... I see bad in everyone," (Mr. J.G. Reeder)

Often apallingly. A la James Cameron's... But seriously, try not to use real people except in guest spots. Why? Their families might be apt to sue.


Gail Nordstrom - 12:01pm Mar 3, 2001 PST(#11 of 16)

Here's my problem: my next door neighbor was for real murdered a year ago, under bizarre circumstances, and the murderer has still not been caught. It is a wild story, with Satanism and ghosts and inept cops and all the elements of a great mystery story. I am yearning to write it, and feel it could be a big seller. But, the guy they think did it is still at large due to insufficient evidence, and I think he would be mad, and since the guy is truly NUTS, this worries me. Yikes! What to do???? !!!

Fran Hinkel - 07:13am Apr 4, 2002 PST(#12 of 16)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Hmmm, maybe have it take place in a fictional location? Use a pen name and remain anonymous?

Donna Weaver - 04:54pm May 27, 2002 PST(#13 of 16)

How does one go about getting their true life story published? My story is about my search for answers in the disappearance of my husband in 1983. My quest is over. I would like to tell the story of my husband's murder, and the large scale international corruption I uncovered involving two generations of federal law enforcement officers(father and son), which is still very much part of current events. I have given only one newspaper interview. When the newspaper story was published I did not yet have all the answers. I have them now and I am ready to tell about it. I did this all myself and it has taken a long time because I was determined not to sacrifice even one minute of mine or my daughters' lives and future happiness by dwelling on the past, even though I was continually made to fear for their lives and safety because of lies, corruption, and coverups. I realize this sounds somewhat dramatic, but it is still the truth, and I just don't know how to proceed. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice.

vince gonzales - 01:37am May 28, 2002 PST(#14 of 16)
Hay más tiempo que vida

Have you ever tried a publisher? Perhaps an interview with a serious newspaper first?

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's death. Wishing you and your family the best.

Joy Mills - 09:05am Aug 7, 2002 PST(#15 of 16)

I want to write a story based on the relationships of several real people (their ongoing arguments, the complications, etc.) and although the murder and subsequent goings-on will be entirely fictional, I still want the basic relationships and people for my story. How can I disguise them? Any ideas?

Thank you so much, Joy

Fran Hinkel - 07:54am Aug 13, 2002 PST(#16 of 16)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Joy, if these are people you know and who would read the book, the only thing I can think of is to write under a pen name and keep it secret from the folks involved!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Generally Speaking...  / Based on a True Story

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