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Thompson, Donald: "Charley's Cruise"

Donald Thompson Books

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Charley's Cruise
Donald Thompson
Whiskey Creek Press 2011


Thompson does not wait until the first chapter to pull you into his story. Right from the Prologue you want to know what is going on and the matter-of-fact attitudes displayed upon discovery of a body on a cruise ship make you wonder who has what to hide.

Charley Adams is a former NYPD cop gifted to a cruise aboard the Nirvana as a sort of compensation for having been injured at his new job as head of security for an exclusive gated community - a location that saw Charlie take on a case of terrorism just prior to 9/11 in the first book of this series titled Charlie's War.

The body in question is that of a Senator with a reputation for hard drinking and an eye for the ladies. Adams and his group of co-semi-authorized investigators set out to determine if the death was an accident, a suicide or a clever murder. The widow is in a hurry to have the body removed from the ship and it seems that the public relations people are more than happy to accommodate her. All they want to do is close the book on the investigation as quickly as they can to avoid scandal and liability. It should be an open and closed case, but one mystery just seems to lead to another.

The characters are well drawn and some are quite colorful. There are a series of unexpected turns that keep you guessing and wondering right down to the final page of this wonderful read. Watch out for the big surprise ending!

About the Author

Donald Thompson is a "Favorite Son" of MysteryNet, having been a major contributor as a consultant in MysteryNet's infancy. He is the author of several books, many, many articles and now his newest venture into three new mystery novels featuring Charley Adams - Charley's Cruise and the soon-to-follow Charley's War and Charley's Tenure. To learn more about the author, visit his website at

bella wanella - 01:03pm Jan 17, 2012 PST(#1 of 1)

oooooo .. this one sounds like a good read for a chilly night curled up with a quilt and some cocoa ... putting this one on my list .. Thanks!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Thompson, Donald: "Charley's Cruise"

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