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Name of an old mystery movie without much to go on
Amber Atchley - 12:08am Jan 31, 2004 PST

A show I saw on tv 30 or more years ago was about a girl who sang a weird little song. The words she sang (something like "honor slice us in come beesus") is all that I can recall. Can anyone help me with the title of this flick? Rarely the song will pop into my head and drive me crazy because I can't recall anything more and would love to see it again. Thanks!

E. Pand - 06:27am Oct 5, 2004 PST(#1 of 8)

Hello, just wondering if somebody remember the name of a detective series i think is in the 70s about LA Police, here in Italy went by the name of something like "On the streets of California", which featured different character any episode and had a wonderful soundtrack. No much more clues except it was pretty tough. Thank you for help.

Fran Hinkel - 07:44am Nov 15, 2004 PST(#2 of 8)
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Could you possibly mean "The Streets of San Francisco"? The stars were Karl Malden as veteran detective Mike Stone and Michael Douglas as rookie detective Steve Keller and it ran for 4 seasons in the early 70's.

Aggie - 02:10pm Jul 29, 2005 PST(#3 of 8)
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ee cummings

Amber, I vaguely remember that tune. I think it was in a Red Skelton movie, but I don't recall its title.

tito olivero - 11:25am Sep 23, 2005 PST(#4 of 8)

looking to see if anyone remembers a tv movie about a girl who was a mermaid and would come up onto a boat to see her boyfriend she would also make her eyes glow when she was upset. She also shot with a spear.

marj c. - 01:36am Nov 5, 2005 PST(#5 of 8)

I'm trying to remember the name of a mystery mini series. I think it was on PBS, maybe originally a BBC production, and might have been called Ring of Gold. It was about prostitutes being murdered by a serial killer. The killer might have been one of the detectives on the case or at least that's what you were led to believe. It could have been over ten years ago that I saw it. I never saw the end and was hoping to find out the name and see if I could rent it. Thanks.

The Clueless One - 10:45am Nov 6, 2005 PST(#6 of 8)
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I don't know about Ring of Gold, but there was a BBC mini-series called Band of Gold. That was from 1995.

Here's the IMDb entry:

Haro Girl - 06:55pm Apr 6, 2008 PST(#7 of 8)

Hi I was hoping that someone, anyone here can help me find the name of a particular Alfred Hitchcock film. All I can remember from it is a flashback scene of the hero as a child. He is sliding down a banister outside an apartment of some sorts. We only see his feet. At the end of the banster, we see another child (his brother?). As the child reaches the bottom, his feet hit the other and pushes him off and ONTO a spiked fence.

Please tell me, which film is this?

dennis white - 03:30am Mar 21, 2010 PST(#8 of 8)

tv programme with a one armed detective

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / Q&A  / Name of an old mystery movie without much to go on

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