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The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book
Green Hornet - 02:18pm Sep 30, 2008 PST
Oh, the huge manatee!

Subtitle: Clues To Good Sleuthing

This book came out in 1979 and is slightly larger than the regular Nancy Drew books published at the time. The ten chapters give the basics of investigation and police forensics for nine chapters in the form of short stories, the tenth chapter shows how all the methods shown are used together.


"Of course we can solve mysteries as well as grown-up detectives." This was Nancy Drew's answer to a question from a group gathered in her living room in River Heights. "How would you like to form a Detective Club and have meetings at my house? Later we can solve some mysteries. what do you say?"

Cheers and applause greeted this remark. Nancy suggest that you readers work along with the club and learn how to become amature detectives.

Luvs2snoop2 - 08:48pm Oct 14, 2008 PST(#1 of 7)


Green Hornet - 05:36pm Oct 20, 2008 PST(#2 of 7)
Oh, the huge manatee!

This is the book where Nancy uses a "duress word" to let Hannah know that she needed help. In the last chapter, she carries her dad's walking stick for protection, one of the few times that Nancy Drew is armed!

Luvs2snoop2 - 07:37pm Oct 20, 2008 PST(#3 of 7)

What's that mean?

Green Hornet - 06:28pm Oct 21, 2008 PST(#4 of 7)
Oh, the huge manatee!

What's that mean?

"Duress word"? That's a code word meaning trouble. When I was in the AirForce, we were given one every time we went on duty and a funny incident happened because of it:

At a missle site, the duress word was "shoelace" and a sergent thought of a way to use in in an ordinary conversation as he had been told to do. When a visitor came to the site, it had to be reported to the missle crew down in the launch room underground. the captain there asked the sergent if he had checked out the visitor and the sergent said "Yes sir, I checked him from the top of his head to his SHOELACE".

BAM! The captain hung up and called another missle site to report that there was trouble. I was on duty at the time and I had to crawl through over a hundred yards of MUD to get into position to cover the launch facility while my partner found out what the trouble was! What made it worse was the fact that I only had one other uniform and it was muddy too, so I stood around in my underwear hoping that we wouldn't get ANOTHER alert while I washed and AIR dried them!

aerial01 - 09:23am Apr 16, 2011 PST(#5 of 7)

sounds like a great book green hornet.

Surfer Girl 4 ever - 04:57pm Jul 24, 2011 PST(#6 of 7)
Did you even try surfing????

This book is so good

Green Hornet - 03:44pm Apr 27, 2016 PST(#7 of 7)
Oh, the huge manatee!

If a new reader wants an introduction to Nancy Drew and mysteries in general, this might be a place to start.

PS: So long and thanks for all the fish.

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Book Discussions  / The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book