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Clue: The Board Game

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devin wireman - 08:19am Nov 3, 2004 PST(#68 of 88)

im at school doin this and i dont know where to play games can u help?

Stephanie Rollins - 01:09pm Nov 15, 2004 PST(#69 of 88)

Yes you can play clue at I'm trying it out!!!!

heavonlord - 04:14pm Dec 1, 2004 PST(#70 of 88)

you can also play anytype of game at

heavonlord - 04:15pm Dec 1, 2004 PST(#71 of 88)

or go to

Pinky and Blue - 08:15am Feb 18, 2005 PST(#72 of 88)

I have not really played this game before and i have never been able to finish it.

tutti frutti - 04:53pm Mar 18, 2005 PST(#73 of 88)

does any1 no of a website where you can play clue online for free?

tutti frutti - 04:55pm Mar 18, 2005 PST(#74 of 88)

checked at and they dont have it anymore

hardy man1 - 08:44pm Sep 4, 2005 PST(#75 of 88)
The Hardy Boys are one of my favorite storys, they're funny and interesting. I am a small fan of ND also. My favorite book on the hardy boys is their 3rd mystery, The Secret of the Old Mill. It's awesome.

To:tutti frutti

Dunno if there is stil a website that contains clue....wait....try

jacob mcginnis - 11:24am Oct 25, 2005 PST(#76 of 88)

ya clue was a ok game and the movie was kinda funny. but yeah i used to play the game all the time but i lost the game when i moved. so i really have not played it many years now. i would love to play it again.......

Jen Byrne - 05:04pm Nov 3, 2005 PST(#77 of 88)

Its actually not that bad

Jordan Scott - 09:18am Apr 14, 2006 PST(#78 of 88)

Well, I went to Wal-Mart last week and got Clue:The Movie! It was awesome! Although a little inappropriate for little ones!

susanne hawk - 02:07pm Aug 15, 2006 PST(#79 of 88)

always enjoy playing clue when i was younger on a rainy nite especially.

morgan norman - 11:44am Aug 20, 2006 PST(#80 of 88)

me to we have a family game night

Danielle Travis - 07:07am Sep 20, 2006 PST(#81 of 88)

love clue

Utk Raja - 08:34pm Dec 22, 2007 PST(#82 of 88)

I LOVE Clue!! I'm a Clue fanatic. I have almost every Clue product ever produced...I just need some of the European ones, the keychain game, and the  first Clue VCR game.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Clue: The Board Game

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