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Hillerman, Tony

Tony Hillerman Books

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Bestselling and award-winning author Tony Hillerman brings to life the Southwest and the Navajo culture in his mystery series featuring Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn. He has collaborated with Rosemary Herbert in A New Omnibus of Crime

Read the Review for A New Omnibus of Crime

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jon bull - 09:44am Jun 6, 2007 PST(#359 of 375)

Readers of Hunting Badger might be interested to know that the last of the real-life Four Corners desperados has been found this week, dead, of course, in a canyon in southeast Utah, with his back pack, bedroll, and AK-47 by his side. Chapter closed!

Molly Linabah - 01:45pm Jul 2, 2007 PST(#360 of 375)

Hi Mr. Hillerman,

I am Dine' from the Big Mountain area of AZ. I was adopted as a baby into a bilaagaana family, then soon found my original family members later in life. My adopted dad has your entire collection and he loves your writing. I am also a big 'fan' of yours, loving mystery novels, etc, its fun to follow your characters and settings.

However, I do run a Native American Club here in Albuquerque and have been trying to get a hold of you to see about doing a children's writer workshop for these upcoming native american kid authors, etc. Please contact me if you are interested in this for the 2007-2008 schoolyear.

Thank you so much Mr. Hillerman, I appreciate your writings and keeping me on my toes.

Joel Brubaker - 01:40pm Oct 29, 2007 PST(#361 of 375)

Are there plans to make another chee and leaphorn movie soon. The other three were excelent and my wife and I would love to see more made.

Patricia Friesen - 04:17pm Dec 2, 2007 PST(#362 of 375)

We just rented the DVD "Skinwalkers". Since I'm a Tony Hillerman fan I was attracted to the title. Perhaps I was projecting my own expectations, but I think I saw mention of Hillerman's name on the DVD Jacket. I'll check next time I'm at the store.

In any case, the movie starts out with a mention of Navajo mythology of Skinwalkers. I was first suspicious that things weren't going the way I expected when the only person in the cast who looked remotely Navajo in appearance was the healer helping the 'good' werewolves. Also I didn't see any pine or aspen trees or rock like in the SW. I used to live near the area. It turned out that it was filmed in eastern Canada and perhaps some of NE United States!

It was a decent terror movie, but I hope you can warn people that it's NOT related to Hillerman's novel in any way except by the Navajo bit at the beginning of the film. It was a terrific disappointment especially since there was none of Hillerman's insight into the culture and ties to the land.

I'm new to posting on any site, so if it's possible, I hope that someone can turn Hillerman onto this information.

Nancy K. Jentsch - 04:41am Dec 7, 2007 PST(#363 of 375)

Hi! I just got your message and checked for info on the movie. There are two movies called Skinwalkers. The one from 2002 is based on Hillerman's characters. Here's the link. I suspect you watched the movie made in 2006, and I suspect it has no relationship to Hillerman. Hope this helps.

Wally McMillan - 01:07pm Jul 11, 2008 PST(#364 of 375)

Hozho: Beauty is not because of ones surroundings; but in spite of it. Beauty is found within oneself - and with-out oneself. Beauty, indeed, is not found; it is realized.


btw, Your books are great to read; they come much closer to Navajo truth than the archeologists; but they still miss the real nature.

LLOYD POHL - 09:02am Jul 21, 2008 PST(#365 of 375)


Fran Hinkel - 02:35am Jul 23, 2008 PST(#366 of 375)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I don't see anything upcoming in the next 90 days or so.

Peggy Karp - 03:16pm Jul 25, 2008 PST(#367 of 375)

Dear Mr. Hillerman,

I'm a huge fan. I just finished Talking God and loved it. Has anyone commented on your brilliant comparison of Navajo and White care of elders? Yellow gives the Yebichai for Agnes Tsosie, his terminally ill mother-in-law; although it is difficult for him financially he never considers not doing it. All her friends and extended family come to the ceremony to support her. Agnes Tsosie is cared for at home, again anything else would be shameful, unthinkable. In contrast you describe Fleck’s desperate attempts to provide decent institutional care (no possibility of home care here) for his mother in the face of open hostility from both society and his brother. His futile efforts end in violent death, the antithesis of the harmony that the Yebichai restores.

The masterful way you weave together different levels of plot and character in Talking God is truly amazing. The last time I was so engrossed in fiction was 50 years ago, when I was reading the works of the great 19th century Russian novelists.

Thank you for all your wonderful work.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors G - I  / Hillerman, Tony

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