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Post a message about mystery radio shows you've enjoyed. Reminisce about listening to the shows or talk about rediscovering the shows that have been released on audiocassette.
Note: All previous radio mystery discussions have been combined into this discussion.

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William Rodriguez - 08:25pm Nov 29, 2002 PST(#78 of 98)
Toledo, Ohio

Can anyone tell me how I might get copies of the old radio show "The Shadow"

Juanita Rose Violini - 12:50pm Dec 6, 2002 PST(#79 of 98)

our local library carries them. maybe your's could get them in for you.

Mary Davis - 02:38am May 13, 2003 PST(#80 of 98)

Mystery Radio Network is a free, streaming interent radio station that plays all mysteries all the time. You can go to their website at and start listening right away. The site also has schedules and other info.

They play things like radio theater (new and old), audio books, short stories, novels, book reviews and "Music to Sleuth By".

You can tune in and then keep surfing while you listen or leave it on while you other stuff. I listen to it at work while I'm doing paper work. Right now I'm listening to episode 2 of The Circular Staircase, a novel by the classic mystery author Mary Roberts Rinehart.

Just thought I'd share!


Juanita Rose Violini - 12:47pm May 20, 2003 PST(#81 of 98)

that's great to know about!

nader eduardo - 02:54pm Sep 30, 2003 PST(#82 of 98)

hi, for people in mexico, mistery is the everyday way. we learn from our parents historys by last century and we have a program named "the peluda hand" in the i would like that our "gringos cousins" could hear it.

Amanda Puente - 01:47pm Jun 1, 2004 PST(#83 of 98)

I frequently listen to Simon Q in the morning. But I would like to know where I can find a listing of these mysteries.

Renesha Carson - 12:14pm Dec 9, 2004 PST(#84 of 98)

never really heard of a mystery radio broadcasting station, but if anybody is from Huntsville Alabama please let me know thanks

anthony acosta - 05:27pm Dec 9, 2004 PST(#85 of 98)

looking for a place i can get some old shadow mystery shows?? is there soom radio stations that still play them in the bay area / SAN JOSE CA. if you can help??????? thanks

Soliana Fuste - 11:33am Jan 25, 2005 PST(#86 of 98)

Which is the only one case that Perry Mason. Ever lost? Answers are: The case of Deadley Veredict The case of the Cautious Coquette The case of the Fiery Fingers The cases of the Restless Redhead

Ben Ohmart - 08:06pm May 4, 2005 PST(#87 of 98)

Just want to congratulate Jack French on winning the Agatha Award for best non-fiction book last week for his Private Eyelashes, Radio's Lady Detective! Great book!

Sable Jak - 04:26am Nov 3, 2005 PST(#88 of 98)

If any of you are interested I work for an audio drama company, we produce mostly mysteries and are holding our first competitiion. We're on over 100 commercial radio stations in the country, XM satellite and the internet. About six of our writers come from the UK


The 1st Annual Imagination Theatre Radio Script Competition

Are you one of the many writers who would like to try their hand at writing a radio script? If so, have we got the contest for you. Jim French Productions has been producing commercial radio drama for decades; our contributing writers come from the United States, Canada, England and Scotland. Scripts can be in any genre and must be no longer than 23 pages (see sample on website). First prize: The Phil Harper Award, is $150 plus production and a one-year subscription to Scr(i)pt Magazine ( ). First Prize will be awarded to the script that can be produced "straight out of the envelope." Second Prize is $100 plus production and will go to the script that excels, but still needs a little work. There is also a third prize and three honorable mentions and books from Michael Wiese Productions ( ). Fee is $10 per script, all scripts must be postmarked no later than February 19, 2006. Complete information and application forms can be found at:

Nathaniel White - 09:53pm Jun 24, 2008 PST(#89 of 98)

Does any one know how to get a hold of the Shadow Radio show on vinyl?

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