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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Treasure in the Royal Tower
"Treasure in the Royal Tower"
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Stuck some where? Need a tip?

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squirl - 05:38am Jan 6, 2002 PST(#76 of 18143)

nancyfreek, are you able to give some help regarding our question about the diamond, medallions and the purple rose as well as the tip of the sword?

nancyfreek - 11:58am Jan 6, 2002 PST(#77 of 18143)

jessie star: I do not know what tower ur talking about but I guess I don't. I don't think u can get into the tower just yet!!!!

nancyfreek - 12:02pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#78 of 18143)

jessie star: when u get the dust on the paint brush u need to push every button on the key pad in the library once with the paint brush!!! Then go in nancy's room, there is a magazine please read it. I would tell u what it says but u would probably be reading my message for hours. ur welcome for the HELP!!!

jessie star - 03:00pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#79 of 18143)

nancyfreek, I CAN NOT thank you enough for your help!! When can I get into the towers!!! I found another secrect passage you know the one kinda close to the secrect passage to the libary that you need the oil to get into how do you get the elevator outof the way? If you cant answer my quistion you have been a great help nancyfreek!!!

squirl - 03:02pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#80 of 18143)

can anyone pls answer how to handle the problem with the necessary diamond, the purple flower and where to find it?

squirl - 03:08pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#81 of 18143)

I happen to see your note and we have been working on this. You need to send the elevator up to the 2nd floor then walk back down to the library, go in, disalarm the code and go thru the air duct to the elevator shaft

jessie star - 04:48pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#82 of 18143)

Thank you squirl!! I found the passage but there is these locks on the door how do I open the door? THANK YOU for your help!!!!!!!

jessie star - 05:10pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#83 of 18143)

squirl,(or anybody else that knows) do yo uknow how to get through the door it is looked!!!

nancyfreek - 05:39pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#84 of 18143)

jessie star: I was very excited that I could help u especially since I just stared or found this place out!!!!

jessie star - 06:05pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#85 of 18143)

nancyfreek, you know the passage right next to the passage to the libary you know the one that always says that the elevator is in the way but now there is these locks on the door and I cant get in do you know how to get in? It is ok that you did not get right bak to me really!!

jessie star - 06:23pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#86 of 18143)

I am not sure what tower I am talking about is there ones for me to choose from? I am so stuck!! CAN SOMEONE HELP PLEASE?!!

jessie star - 06:32pm Jan 6, 2002 PST(#87 of 18143)

No nancyfreek I did not e-mail you I am sorry I just typed it wrong I meant I posted my measage. Now you answer ASAP!!

jessie star - 05:05am Jan 7, 2002 PST(#88 of 18143)

nancyfreek, now can you tell me where any of the towers are? PLEASE!!!

jessie star - 05:16am Jan 7, 2002 PST(#89 of 18143)

It is ok it is not your foult I typed it wrng. When you get a chance or anybody else that knows it, can you tell where a tower any tower is? Also the setrect passage that says the elevator is in the way well I got the elevator out of the way but now the door has looks how do you get inside, and past the door? Please help! Thank you!!!

jessie star - 01:48pm Jan 7, 2002 PST(#90 of 18143)

Do you need my help on the circut breakers? I already know how to do that!!!!!!!!!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)