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Guidelines & General Rules
What is an MP?

Mps are short for Mystery Party. They are mysteries created by players for players. Once given a character, you interact as that person in the Mystery folder, along with others. Should any problems or questions arise during the play of an MP, please contact the MP Host/s or Jinx and Aleja. Your goal is to solve the clues while playing, and to have fun!!!

To submit a mystery for Mystery Parties:

Please send a rough outline of proposed storyline to Jinx at
Once the story is approved you will be notified. Then send a completed list of clues in the order in which they will appear in the mystery itself.
Also send character list with bios, up to roughly 25 characters. Please take note that if in r/l a person is under the age of 18 they must play as an underaged character!
Please have enough clues to run approximately a 2 week span.
Once all the information is received, a start date will be established.


A sign-up list will appear aproximately one week prior to the beginning of each mystery. It will be located in the Mystery Parties by Members section.
Once the characters have been assigned, the host/s will send each person their character information.
Please register the character just as you registered yourself.
If you wish to keep your identity secret, this is when you would register a fake email or create a new one from various free sites available. This is not required, merely a suggestion.

Sign ups:

As of recent, MPs have not been available once a month as they once were. As of this posting the last MP was 2 years ago. Members come and go and sometimes real life takes them away from the site. If you love to participate in the mystery parties but arent able to check here regularly or if you have a tendency to be away for long periods of time, you can ask to be put on a general e-mailing list. On the day that a mystery party sign-up discussion is posted, we will send an email out to everyone on the list to let them know that a new MP will be played in the next few days. Even if you come to MN on a daily basis, you can still put your name on the list as a helpful reminder that a mystery party will be played soon.

To be put on the mailing list, simply send an email to Jinx at Use a valid email address that you check regularly. On the subject line just say "Please add to MP list" and that's it! When we post the sign-up folder you'll know the very same day. If you want to remove your name from the list or change your email address just send another email to the same address and on the subject line either say "Remove from MP list" or "Change email on list."

Please take advantage of this service! We love this site and the mystery parties! We want you to keep coming back for more!

Jinx and Aleja

(Please do not use this character in other parts of the site!)

The day the mystery begins:

A folder for Clues will be posted.
A folder for the Mystery will be posted.
A folder for News will be posted.

Once the mystery is finished:

Please do not post in the discussion after "THE END" has been posted. Any further posts will be deleted.
The News folder will remain up for one week following the conclusion of the mystery and then be deleted.
If the host(s) decides to have an Awards Section it will be posted shortly after the completion of the mystery.

In between mysteries, please feel free to keep visiting the other sites in MysteryNet.

Rules for play:

Each character will post with the name they have been assigned.
Follow the bio given by host.
Please make sure any changes of e-mail address are forwarded to current host immediately.
Any changes or additions to the story caused by unforeseen circumstances should be forwarded by the hosts to Jinx at
Please only mystery related posts in the Mystery folder.
Questions or concerns can be posed in the News section or in the Comments/Suggestions folder.

Note from Fran Re: Disputes and Criticizing of Authors

Please note this new addition from me. One of the most disturbing things I read from our feedback discussion was that some players gave the MP host a hard time over their roles or criticized their MP. The writers of these MP's put a lot of work into it. They do not get paid for their work - it is a labor of love and for the enjoyment of the community. I will not tolerate that happening. Persons who display that behavior will be banned from participating in future MP's.

From time to time it is possible that a dispute will arise. Please follow these rules regarding disagreements:

If a dispute should arise, please notify Jinx immediately. She will make every effort to allow the parties concerned to work out the disagreement if it is their desire to do so. The dispute needs to be reported whether you are working it out or not.

If the dispute cannot be worked out among the participants, Jinx should be called upon to try to mediate the problem.

If that action fails, the hosts should call upon me to try to mediate the problem, after hearing both sides of the issue.

The goal here is to keep the team and myself informed, before a potential problem can get blown out of proportion, so that we at least have an idea what the dispute involves should intercession be needed. We hope that these changes will allow the continued smooth running of the parties. Thanks for your cooperation.

As this is a new section, we are trying to adapt as we move forward and some of these rules may be adjusted as we learn. The most important part is to remember that this is above all a place to have fun and enjoy mysteries!!!!

scarlet - 08:45pm Oct 29, 1999 PST(#1 of 7)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON

This is to inform all that play these mysteries.

Due to the shortage of males, in any given story, there may be female members playing male characters. Should you have a strong preference to not play opposite of such a character, PLEASE e-mail Jinx or Aleja. We will keep a list of names to give the hosts to make sure your character is not created to have such a link.

We do not wish for anyone to be uncomfortable, so please contact us immediately, should a problem arise.

Thank You

MP Team

scarlet - 06:36pm Aug 9, 2000 PST(#2 of 7)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON

Preparing to Play

Once you receive your Bio information and have registered, there are a few things you may wish to do.
Picture in Profile
First you must find the picture's web address. Keep in mind that the website must allow offsite viewing. Then, you copy it into <IMG SRC=address here>.
You may also opt to use one of the instant messengers that are available. Again, this is optional, not required!

Once play begins, you should post as you feel your character would during the play of the story. Most Bios are very loose and leave you some freedom, but do not abuse this privilige. If you cannot or will not play as your character should, please notify your Host/s or Jinx and Aleja immediately. Some characters require specific scenes, so please play as instructed.
Please remember that the others are also playing parts and do not take personal offense at what others may say. Please remember that not everyone can play the Good Guy, if so, then there would be no reason for the mystery!

You do not have to account for a characters every movement during play. It is understood that we all have r/l to deal with.

This site is a family website so please keep it clean. Meaning, please watch your language as you post. If inappropriate language continues to be used after several reminders by the moderator or host(s) we will ask that you stop playing the MP.

scarlet - 06:42pm Aug 9, 2000 PST(#3 of 7)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON


Since these are written by fellow players, methods and mysteries will be of a varied and wide range. This makes things more interesting and keeps things from getting stale. This also means that each Host/s will have their own way of presenting clues to be solved. Just follow the intructions given submit your answers in the way asked for each time.

Once the mystery has been solved, a small time period is allowed for each character to wrap up their storyline. Once "THE END" appears no more posting is allowed in that folder.

Some MP's will have the addition of an Awards folder. this is only optional and will not appear in every MP.

Above all else, THIS IS FOR FUN!!!! Please keep this in mind as you don your alter ego and begin play.....

scarlet - 07:30pm Feb 24, 2002 PST(#4 of 7)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON

From this point forward;

Once a character is assigned to you, you MUST reply to the Host/s. If you agree to play and accept your character it is your responsibility to let the Hosts/s or Jinx and Aleja know immediately should a problem arise that will hinder your posting ability.

If you do not reply to the initial email from the Host/s within a resonable amount of time the character will be reassigned.

If you do not appear in the MP, once play has begun, your character can be reassigned. This is taking into consideration time zones and will be judged fairly by both the Host/s and Jinx and Aleja when such an instance arises.

We do understand r/l and do not hold the odd emergency against anyone. However, of late, the privilige has been overused and some storylines have suffered. Please consider the great deal of time the Host/s have put into creating the mystery and let them know as soon as you can about possible problems.

Frequent future abuse of this nature will result in your being asked to no longer sign up for the Mystery Parties.

Thank you
MP Team

scarlet - 06:50pm Feb 26, 2002 PST(#5 of 7)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON

Concerning Hosting:

We realize it is a temptation to be a Host of MP's. However, in an attempt to be fair and allow various people to be in the Host position, we ask that players please limit their enthusiasm by being involved, on host end, in only one or two a year. Over involvement leaves it difficult to arrange the individual Mp's in an order that gives space between duplicate hosting.

Of course, as people have r/l interrupt from time to time, it may be necessary for someone to reschedule their planned MP and it may be necessary to fill in with a prepared one. In this case, it is understandable to have back to back hosting, but I will make every effort to keep as much spacing between them as I can, as much for the players as for the host, as it is time consuming to be in such a position.

MP Team

scarlet - 07:02pm Feb 26, 2002 PST(#6 of 7)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON

In regard to the creation of MPs using existing characters:

While it is a temptation to use a character that we have played previously, please remember that the character is the hard work of the creator of the MP. We ask that if anyone wishes to create a sequel to any MP or create an MP using a character from a previous MP, please contact the Host/s or Jinx and Aleja.

The creator may have plans for further playing of that character or that MP. Please obtain their approval before beginning the creative process.

We do not wish anyone to feel that their hardwork is being taken from them, so please observe the Guidelines presented in this section.

thank you
MP Team

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / MysteryNet Mystery Parties by Members  / Guidelines & General Rules

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