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Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM
Clue Chronicles
Join your favorite Clue characters in 2 all new adventures

You've been invited to a very special New Year's Eve party. Join your favorite characters from Clue-- and a few surprising new ones-- at the bizarre castle stronghold of reclusive millionaire, Ian Masque. Unravel a murder set in a shadowy world of politics, wealth, and the supernatural. Discuss Episode 1 of the Clue Chronicles Mystery Series with fans and visitors here! Fatal Illusion: The new interactive mystery adventure CD-ROM from Clue.
Please Note: Anyone looking for help: Many of the same questions have been asked and answered in this discussion. Before posting about where you are stuck, please use the Search Button and type in the key words - such as "cable car". This should bring up a list of every post where the cable car is mentioned. Your answer may already be here.

The patch for this game is still available. Hasbro Interactive was taken over by another company in 2001. You can get it at: this link. Thanks ~Fran

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Ian Garbett - 07:39am Jan 1, 2005 PST(#4025 of 4060)

For the clock go to the clock in the hall which has lions all around it. When you stand on it and have the clock face directly in front of you, you have to turn the hands to the correct time. Look at the riddle. There is a beaker half full. that beaker is past the apple core, and the apple has been eaten, or in the past tense it's been ate. So that gives you Half Past Eight.

By mentioning the spider I assume you mean the Peacock puzzle that is contained in the same room? If so the answer to that is above.

norya safdi - 12:52pm Jan 8, 2005 PST(#4026 of 4060)

i'm stuck people! i just began the game. Ian is dead. the door is open. i have the puzzelbox. but scarlett, tells me to find the captain of the ship. Where is he and how do i open that other door whit the weels etc..???? please help me.

robin carson - 01:34am Jan 12, 2005 PST(#4027 of 4060)

am stuck on scarletts clue , i click the eyes they fall out click the paw it turns to the right i click the nose nothing happens , i click the ears 2 little red things appear from under the paw - (if you click halfway up the lions body it looks like a paw falls of) so why does nothing happen with the nose i have clicked it all over

Ian Garbett - 02:53am Jan 15, 2005 PST(#4028 of 4060)

Norya, to do the game properly I wouldn't worry to much about the wheel house at the top of the stairs just yet. Turn your attention to the locked door with the dial which is the first door on the right that you come too when going through the double doors. From this it is obvious that you need a combination. Try talking to Popov and learn about ESP. Using her cards, test the guests to find out which one has the best ESP rating. They should be able to tell you the combination to the door. Once you know the combination go to the door. Now I must emphasise that the combination is not enough, you have to turn the dial in the right directions. This is where you have to cheat as there is no information available to suggest how you turn it. For this reason click the word Cluedo in the bottom right hand corner of the screen three times and that should give you the answer.

Ian Garbett - 03:02am Jan 15, 2005 PST(#4029 of 4060)

Robin, from what I can remember so long as you have the red beams coming from the lions eyes then everything that should happen has happened. Follow the Red beams to a small statue on the other side of the room and select Scarletts Jewel. As for the pieces, when you click on the eyes they should come out and float to the ground. Then you turn the foot. When you click on the nose it should make a puffing noise come out and float to the ground. Then clicking the ears will make them float to the ground as well. That is when you should have the beams.

Ian Garbett - 03:58am Jan 16, 2005 PST(#4030 of 4060)

i'm stuck people! i just began the game. Ian is dead. the door is open. i have the puzzelbox. but scarlett, tells me to find the captain of the ship. Where is he and how do i open that other door whit the weels etc..???? please help me.

Sorry Norya, got the wrong end of the stick. Here is how you get into the Wheel House.

1. After masque is killed the puzzle box is left on the floor, but you can't touch it. Go to the door that Green took Masque through. Once through the door turn right. To get through the door use the following combination.

Turn dial clockwise to 31 and stop. Turn dial anti-clockwise to 12 passing 31 and stop. Turn clockwise to 38 and stop. Then click handle.

2. Head towards shelves and pick up gloves. Then turn right, open the chest and remove the gear. Then head back to the Puzzle Box and pick it up using the gloves. NOTE: You'll also see a small pin in your inventory bar.

3. Go to Sabata, then Urfe. Ask him to show you a trick. Then head back to Sabata and ask to show him the trick. He will give you a drawing. Look at the drawing and then head to Mrs White. Pick up the two pins from the broken vase off the floor.

4. Head to the Wheel House (that room at the top of the stairs).

5. Go to the Inventory Bar and click the pin to the immediate left of the puzzle box. Then click the puzzle box with it. You should now get a large version of the puzzle box on screen.

6. Select the same pin again and click on the puzzle box. Remove the piece of paper and then select the pin on the far left and click the puzzle box. Then using the remaining pin click the puzzle box again. remove crank from puzzle box. Then click the screen when you get the yellow arrow pointing right. Select crank and open door.

charlie beth - 08:35am Jan 21, 2005 PST(#4031 of 4060)

Can someone please explain to me how it is possible to open the door with the padlock on. Some people have told me you must do 12 to 31 to 38 others have said 31 to 12 to 38 which is correct also do you have to release the mouse between numbers and are there certain directions or changes of directions which i have not be told about please help me out im getting really annoyed!!!!! thanks

marie walker - 01:03am Feb 3, 2005 PST(#4032 of 4060)

Hi Ian, I have just got into the wheel room and it is telling me to go and get the gear from the store room? which gear and where is it?

john hodgson - 01:44am Apr 5, 2005 PST(#4033 of 4060)

door dial

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Clue Chronicles  / Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM

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