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Originals vs. Today
How does the first Nancy Drew mystery compare with the most recently published book?

Share your thoughts-- post a message below.

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codecracker - 08:48am Jul 8, 2009 PST(#3278 of 3299)

hello, anyone there?

codecracker - 08:49am Jul 8, 2009 PST(#3279 of 3299)

hi new fan!

Green Hornet - 02:34pm Jul 8, 2009 PST(#3280 of 3299)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Welcome codecracker. I'm sorry I missed you, I'm just checking the new posts.

NewFan - 07:38am Jul 9, 2009 PST(#3281 of 3299)

Hi codecracker. Which Nancy Drew books have you read?

NewFan - 07:42am Jul 9, 2009 PST(#3282 of 3299)

One reason the Nancy Drew Girl Detective books seems so different from the older books is because the story is written from Nancy's point of view. The other is, of coarse, because modern day stuff is going on like texting and internet.

mysteryK - 10:37am Jul 9, 2009 PST(#3283 of 3299)
d(^-^)b . . . . . . . . . . . . music is life . . . . . yes, i am aware that i am a major dork

If you like the Girl Detective series, I'ma tell you right now. I dont mean to offend anyone and if I do, I am sincerely sorry.

I stopped reading the Girl Detective series. Nancy putting her shirt inside out AND backwards? Forgetting her cell phone, or forgetting to charge it? This isn't the Nancy I grew up with!

Instead, I read fan fics. They are so much better than the new series! I mean c'mon. I know it's awesome that Nancy has a close friend who's a computer geek/ uses awesome gadgets and can help her in the case, but George isn't George unless she just got back from a marathon.

I know, complaining doesn't help. ;-)

But can you honestly see fraidy-cat Bess, in the heat of the moment, jumping up and fixing Nancy's car? I'm sorry, but who ever had the bright idea to change everything about the characters, how the books should be written, and how Nancy should have a hybrid, they totally ruined Nancy for me. (i like hybrids, but Nancy just seems like a blue convertible kinda girl, lol)

And again, I'm sorry if my ranting offends you.

Green Hornet - 12:59pm Jul 10, 2009 PST(#3284 of 3299)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Yes, mysteryK, there are fans here that have complained whenever Nancy is shown driving somethng other than her MUSTANG. The Ford Mustang was a good choice for Nancy Drew; I should know, I used to drive one.

mysteryK - 08:13pm Jul 10, 2009 PST(#3285 of 3299)
d(^-^)b . . . . . . . . . . . . music is life . . . . . yes, i am aware that i am a major dork

I like manatees. Lol, your second line of info ;)

It would be so cool if Nancy still drove the old blue roadster sometimes, just for laughs and giggles.

Why cant someone make a hybrid convertible? Best of both worlds!

NewFan - 07:21am Jul 25, 2009 PST(#3286 of 3299)

Nancy Drew putting on her shirt inside out and backwards. I haven't come across that. But I agree that they shouldn't be "dumbing down" Nancy Drew. Not a good message for young readers. Or are they trying to show readers that even great detectives are human and make mistakes. Whatever. And having Nancy in a hybrid convertible would be so cool!

NewFan - 08:09am Jul 26, 2009 PST(#3287 of 3299)

mysteryK: No offense taken. Personally I like the 1930s Nancy Drew. We all have our favorite eras. Also, what are your favorite Nancy Drew fan fics and where can I find it?

NewFan - 02:02pm Jul 26, 2009 PST(#3288 of 3299)

Recently read The Bungalow Mystery, the 1930s reprint edition. I love the language but don't always know what they mean:

Page 179: The sedan skidded sideways, and for a moment Nancy held her breath, fearful least it turn turtle into the ditch. Page 180: The racing car turned turtle at the edge of the road, wavering an instant, then plunged over the side of a steep cliff!

"Turn turtle," anyone know? Maybe turn over, upside down like a turtle?

Page 181: The car had rolled nearly to the bottom of the little valley, and had overturned against a bowlder.

The word "bowlder" also shows up on another page. Is this how they use to spell "boulder"? I thought maybe it was an error but it shows up twice.

Page 185: He's alive but his heart action is very weak.

Must mean his pulse is weak.

Page 187: Reaching Hamilton, she stopped at a gasoline station and asked the way to the police hospital.

Police hospital? A mistake? They were looking for a hospital.

It's funny how they use the phrases "gasoline station" and "gasoline pedal."

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Changes to Nancy Drew  / Originals vs. Today