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Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secret of the Scarlet Hand
"Secret of the Scarlet Hand"
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Curly_cutie_1 - 09:32pm Jun 14, 2009 PST(#8795 of 8820)

First nancy needs to get a key from henrick to open the drawer in his desk read through the a brown book and yull get it hih

Daela12 - 12:08pm Jul 15, 2009 PST(#8796 of 8820)

I just flat out need help.. been working on it now for 4 years & gonna try to beat it this time...

Curly_cutie_1 - 11:29am Jul 27, 2009 PST(#8797 of 8820)

wat do u need help with daela

DR Pepper DORK - 09:06pm Aug 4, 2009 PST(#8798 of 8820)

what is the answer for temple quiz 2 question 4 it says what is a mayan matchmaker? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Curly_cutie_1 - 05:44am Aug 10, 2009 PST(#8799 of 8820)

-----SPOILER------ it is on henricks zip disk but u need to know the password and u cant enter it before u find out keep giving henrick pictures and notes and he will show u the password STONE then open the zip disk and u should find the answer which is atanzahab. HIH! -CC1-

Shannonnearhoof - 04:21am Aug 15, 2009 PST(#8800 of 8820)

I'm stuck at trying to find sunny's password to the disk, and trying to match up the narrations in the exhibit hall? Can any one help?

roemar - 07:25pm Sep 25, 2009 PST(#8801 of 8820)


Look around Sonny's desk for something that he has a lot of.

For the narrarations: have you found Sonny's disk in the delivery room yet?

I you need anymore help just let me know.

roemar - 04:10am Sep 26, 2009 PST(#8802 of 8820)

Shannonnearhoof - Look around Sonny's desk in the lab for something that he seemed to really like or have a lot of. That should give his password.

Once you get the password you should be able to move on with the narrarations because the disk helps you with that.

mommyof_2 - 10:22am Oct 13, 2009 PST(#8803 of 8820)

need help.i am stuck on the quiz.what is the name on the supreme god and maya mythology?

Crystal queen - 02:08pm Nov 13, 2009 PST(#8804 of 8820)

Quiz 1 question 2 name of Pakal mom??

Crystal queen - 10:44pm Nov 13, 2009 PST(#8805 of 8820)

I need a clue where is the last peace of the vase

MELZOT - 03:34pm Nov 21, 2009 PST(#8806 of 8820)

I need help! I cannot find the BUL game? Anybody know where it is? thanks,melz

1&only - 05:14pm Dec 14, 2009 PST(#8807 of 8820)


the bul game is one of the computers' games in the temple

1&only - 05:18pm Dec 14, 2009 PST(#8808 of 8820)

okay, im stuck on the HAM radio. i know about the book on how to do it and the one in the droor but when i type in that word that means 'send item now', the lady says something in spanish and then i dont know what to do. if someone knows what to do next, PLEASE help! Thank you so much! -Allyson

1&only - 03:50pm Dec 15, 2009 PST(#8809 of 8820)

ok i got the ham radio thing and i got the package in the mail..the only thing now is that i cant figure out what the 'supreme god of maya mythology..please help:)

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)