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Short Stories / Books: Alfred Hitchcock Anthologies

Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), auteur, showman and famed director, had a career spanning five decades and over 50 films. Among his other interests, he lent his name to the short mystery fiction magazine and the short story anthologies are today household words. Discuss these collections here!

Discuss Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The TV Series.

Discuss Alfred Hitchcock movies

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Scorpex - 03:36am Mar 9, 2010 PST(#107 of 125)

Marsha - your story is called Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper by Robert Bloch. It can be found in AH's Spellbinders in Suspense collection.

Melinda Kilbaine - 09:36pm Mar 30, 2010 PST(#108 of 125)

Hi! I am currently on a search for a book of short horror stories I once had a long time ago. I am not sure if Alfred Hitchcock was a contributing author, but I do know he wrote the introduction. I do not know the title of the book, or any title's of the short stories. I do, however, know what one of the stories was about and how it ended.

This story might have been the first one in the book, but I'm not 100% sure. The plot revolves around a man who is entertaining a group of children with a ghost story. He is telling of how he was traveling and was being tracked by a tiger. The tiger eventually trapped the man in a cave and ate him, at which point it is revealed the man telling the story was actually a ghost.

I had thought this might be the short story called Tiger, Tiger, but John Lutz, but upon e mailing him he said it was not his.

If anyone has any information about this book, or thinks it sounds like something they know, please e mail me and let me know!


Cindy Gullicksen - 06:42am Apr 15, 2010 PST(#109 of 125)

I'm trying to find a book of short stories that I read as a child in 1976. One of the stories was about a man who had a device that could read the thoughts of trees. He cut down one tree, which screamed through the device. Thanks for the help.

Raivn Swaim - 08:44pm May 14, 2010 PST(#110 of 125)

My mom had a book of short stories when I was young that had Alfred Hitchcock's name on it. The covers were ripped off, and I never saw them. But the first story was about a young woman walking home in a town where someone had been strangling women in the park. The entire story is about her walk home and her imagining the murdered walking behind her. Does anyone know what this is called, and what book it appeared in?

Bob H - 10:49am Jun 15, 2010 PST(#111 of 125)

Hi - I'm looking for the title of a story about a guy who builds a dollhouse for pixies to live in. They bring him good luck - of a sort. Thanks

Jim Mohoney - 10:49am Jul 6, 2010 PST(#112 of 125)

TO Raivn Swaim -- I remember that story, though the title escapes me. If I remember, I will post.

Does anyone recall a story with a title like "The Murderers' Club" or "The Murderers' Society"?

It was about a private club where doctors met to talk about their unintended malpractice or misdiagnoses that caused a patient's death. A young doctor attended and discussed his mystery case, which was explained as (I think) a bone stuck in the patient's throat. At which point, the young doctor rushed out to save his patient, who wasn't dead yet. He had simply used the Club to get a number of expert opinions.

Ring any bells?

Stephen McQueen - 11:28am Jul 6, 2010 PST(#113 of 125)

have read numerous hitchcock anthologies but one story sticks out in my mind the most! basically a man is sitting at a desk saying "ok, so i think the doctor was sleeping with the lawyer's wife and so the lawyer killed the wife and doctor".."ok, no the lawyer was sleeping with the doctor's wife but the wife feeling so horrible killed both the lawyer, the doctor and herself" "no no no"... well then there is a knock at the door and the bellhop brings food to the room and sees 3 dead bodies and this guy and so the guy kills the bellhop and story ends with "so the bellhop catches the doctor and the lawyer's wife etc! if anyone can remember or look up the title and author to this incredible story i will be forever indebted to you!!

Jim Mohoney - 10:14am Jul 12, 2010 PST(#114 of 125)

To Raivn Swaim - Try to find "The Whole Town's Sleeping" by Ray Bradbury. It appeared in "12 Stories for Late at Night". That might be the one you're looking for.

sohel ahmed - 11:28am Aug 12, 2010 PST(#115 of 125)

i'm looking for the title of a short story where a husband hires a hitman to kill his wife and then starts calling her and tries to tell her about the murder plot.the title is related to telephone or phone call

Elena Bey - 11:53am Aug 24, 2010 PST(#116 of 125)

Hi! I'm looking for the name of a short story that appeared in an AH anthology in the early 1970's in which a young boy who is annoyed with his critical caretakers (parents? grandparents? could have been an aunt and uncle)who don't allow him to do (and specifically, eat) what he wants. I think he ends up killing them, after which he quite dispassionately toasts himself a piece of bread on a fork over the fire. Does this ring a bell to anyone?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Alfred Hitchcock  / Short Stories / Books: Alfred Hitchcock Anthologies

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